Creative: People and companies involved in leather manufacturing




yuriMoving beyond Kaizen by building an independent management system
Global expansion of leather bags powered by Toyooka's DNA


CONYCreating products from a thorough user perspective
This product is popular because it's easy to use and you'll always love it!

Elever Kasei

Elever KaseiUpdate to inherit history and technology
New Japan Leather Drives Manufacturing in Tatsuno, a Leather-Produced City

Matsuoka Hikaku

Matsuoka Hikakuan outstanding softness marked by a serene presence
Skills rooted in leather production areas create excitement


SanyoValue-creating tanners driving the Japan Leather trend through efforts to deepen needs

Sakamoto Corporation

Sakamoto CorporationThe evolution of leather made with traditional methods that carry on the history
Artistry and antiviral features for the next 100 years


KanameTanned tanners representing Tokyo
Turning a surviving mission into a passion for leather making

Tochigi Leather

Tochigi LeatherTannin based tanning of natural leather filled with tanner's pride

Miyagi Kogyo

Miyagi Kogyo Co., LtdShoe factory that has been producing shoes using Goodyear welt for over 60 years.

Himeji Leather

Himeji LeatherThe guardian deity of white tanning (Himeji Tanning) that continues to protect the ancient manufacturing method that has been handed down in Japan

Toyooka Bags

Toyooka KabanIf everyone moves, the future of the bag will start to move

Matsuoka Glove

Matsuoka glovesGloves that are born in the region and take off into the world. New challenges are yet to come

Fukushima Kagaku

Fukushima Chemical IndustryThe world of pigskin created by making full use of "taiko"

Himeji, Tatsuno

Himeji TatsunoHimeji Tatsuno
Nippon leather travelogue


SokaThe pride and unity of the leather craftsmen who gave birth to the Soka brand


Regal CorporationQuality that can only be seen in an authentic piece backed by pride from a prestigious, long standing company.

Yoshida Kaban

Yoshida KabanThe tradition of craftsmanship that is the pride of Japan

Secaicho Union

Secaicho UnionWorld-class hand-sewn technique
Hand Sewn Welted

Moriyoshi x Kawazen Leather

Moriyoshi x Kawazen LeatherChallenges are the base for good craftsmanship


KishuVisit the leather country of Kishu

Ichitogo Manufacture

Ichitogo ManufactureShaping the Japanese aesthetic


Mitake SangyoWashing leather. A long-standing manufacturing that took a forbidden technique and made it their strength.

Wako Bags

Wako BagsGoing the distance to find creativity inspiring leather

Nino Classical Tailored

Ninomiya Goro ShotenManufacturing requires an idea that includes technology


KyowaStationery with a bold presence


CorubaMixing traditional technique with modern sensibility
The ever evolving Kyo Yuzen


KinuyaLocally produced ‘indigo’
Natural x Natural creates a gem


SankoA thousand-year old pattern that shines boldly and beautifully


Nara Prefecture Shoe Factory ComplexThe little known mecca for men's shoes

Oriental Shoes

Oriental ShoesReturning to their roots

Regal Archives

Regal ArchivesThe return of good old fashioned craftsmanship


MoriyoshiTaking the time and effort to bring out the individuality of each piece of leather with light, natural ‘makeup’


KarimokuUnderstanding the individuality of each leather and using the piece without waste

Sukumo leather

Sukumo leatherInnovative sneakers made from the finest leather

Jay Jay Japan

Jay Jay JapanChange the upper=face of the shoe depending on TPO

Andersen Bag

Andersen BagIn search of reliable universality that is not influenced by the times and trends


MasugiEstablished in 1713
High-quality leather for sophisticated adults bred by tradition

plus by chausser

plus by chausserClassic DNA that goes beyond design


CélenceeThe goal is a future that is one step ahead.
Japanese leather can grow even more.


AristoPrimoGenuine made in Japan shoes


PonteFrom the craftsman to the user
Leather accessories delivering warmth

Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya Kaban Karuizawa StudioA new challenge for Tsuchiya Kaban


i/288Find a pair of pumps that will change the way you look at shoes