Creative: Matsuoka Hikaku

Creative: Matsuoka Hikaku

Matsuoka Hikaku:an outstanding softness marked by a serene presence Skills rooted in leather production areas create excitement

Matsuoka Hikakuan outstanding softness marked by a serene presence
Skills rooted in leather production areas create excitement

Craftspeople carved history into leather making passed down in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The smooth texture of the leather, carefully crafted by skilled manual labor, speaks eloquently of its technical excellence.

Interview in 2022

Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, known for its leather production. Young makers launched a new regional brand, Tatsuno Leather, from a town that boasts one of the highest production and quality in Japan. Pop-up events will be held in various locations, including Kuramae, a popular Brooklyn neighborhood in Tokyo, and Miyashita Park, a landmark in Shibuya, Tokyo, which is undergoing redevelopment. Promote the appeal of local manufacturing. There is growing support from the younger generation as well as leather fans.

Among them, Matsuoka Leather, one of the core members, stands out. The Matsuoka Tannery wallet collection is available only in black. The simple design brings out the best in leather. Depending on the compatibility with leather, it is not only cool and wild, but also mesmerizes with various nuances. It's not flashy, but it has plenty of presence.

At the pop-up event, young women picked up one of the company's wallets after another and were thrilled with the "nice touch," "I've never seen leather this soft," and "plump and comfortable.". Rather than relying on product descriptions or pops from sales staff, the first impression of the feel of the leather conveys its charm. Many items now sell out, so much so that production can't keep up.

What attracts and impresses young women unfamiliar with leather products is the soft touch. The Sawada area, where the company is based, has been producing industrial gloves for a long time. Gloves need to be soft, after all. Emphasis is placed on a texture that unites with the skin of the hand.

"Tanning, dyeing and fat-adding, each process has accumulated its own know-how and recipes. When I was a kid, the sound of sewing machines and clickers rang out everywhere. I heard it was running 24 hours at its peak. Since I was a child, I used to go to factories and play areas. Before I went to junior high, I started helping with the family business, and manufacturing was always close to me. I want to bring back such energy." says Tetsuya Matsuoka of Matsuoka leather.

Exchange among the younger generation is active, even among makers. Through Kosuke Tamura, representative of DIECI-LABO, an up-and-coming manufacturer who is attracting attention at the popular event "Nippon Leather Market," which publicizes the appeal of domestic natural leather, he collaborates with up-and-coming creators and is inspired by his sense and sensibility. Feed back their reactions and opinions and brush up on leather making.

"Tanner is a job that can be completed because of a waiting attitude or an order placed by a business partner, but I was inspired when I met all the creators, and I am also actively making suggestions. I would like to take the time and effort to enhance the quality of the leather by giving it its own flavor, inherited from the previous generation." says Matsuoka.

When exhibiting at the Tokyo Leather Fair, the company's booth with its unified black soft leather stands out. Tanners that connect with younger end-users and creators are valuable. They are trusted as partners in manufacturing where the senses can be shared.