Creative: Elever Kasei

Creative: Elever Kasei

Elever Kasei:Update to inherit history and technology New Japan Leather Drives Manufacturing in Tatsuno, a Leather-Produced City

Elever KaseiUpdate to inherit history and technology
New Japan Leather Drives Manufacturing in Tatsuno, a Leather-Produced City

An influential tanner who has been known for his solid technical skills, single-minded passion and excellent leather making since the company's inception.
He is committed to developing local brands and contributing to society through leather.

Interview in 2022

In recent years, domestic raw and tanned cowhide has attracted much attention. Not only is there a great deal of interest in made-in-Japan and Japanese-made leather products, but from the perspective of the SDGs, less logistics and travel involved in manufacturing reduces energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Completion of manufacturing within the country makes it easy to respond to changes in social conditions, which also matches the needs of the times.

Tanner Elve Chemical Co., Ltd. in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture produces a wide variety of cowhide materials. Raw hides and skins have been handled mainly by domestic Holsteins and Japanese Black Wagyu (Ikki) since ancient times.

These types of cows vary greatly in their individual characteristics and characteristics, such as the texture of their skin and the fiber oil in their skins, so they are processed into leather materials suitable for each cow. That command is typical of a connoisseur tanner. In particular, Japanese black beef is characterized by marbling, or marbling. Although skinning is a laborious process and a heavy burden on equipment, the company is devoted to leather production with a single-minded passion, making full use of meat by-products and ingredients without wasting them.

The new "Luminous" leather is made from raw Japanese black beef. Tanned so that the natural shrink appears all over, and gold coloring is added to the convex part of the wrinkles. It has the elegance of a Japanese painting by an Edo-period painter. It expresses the beauty of standing in silence by expanding the image from the Japanese aesthetic and traditional beauty. The elegant twinkle catches my eye. Their quality was recognized when they won the Grand Prix of the the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Production Industry Director's Award at the 2022 Hyogo New Leather Contest, sponsored by the Hyogo-ken Leather Industry Cooperative Federation.

Shinya Ishimoto, president and CEO of the company, became chairperson of the NPO TATSUNO LEATHER in 2017. The company is committed to contributing to the revitalization of the leather industry and the region by conducting business related to the passing down of leather manufacturing techniques and culture that have been handed down in Tatsuno City, the holy city of leather, and the establishment of the Tatsuno Leather regional brand.

The company exhibited its booth at New Energy (A new era of combined events encompassing exhibitions, markets and media) in September 2022. In collaboration with handicappers, this piece of leather looks like a work of art. The new pop and bold expression drew attention. Together with the promotion of local brands, the company will contribute to society and break new ground in Japan Leather's diversity.