Creative: CONY

Creative: CONY

CONY:Creating products from a thorough user perspective This product is popular because it's easy to use and you'll always love it!

CONYCreating products from a thorough user perspective
This product is popular because it's easy to use and you'll always love it!

A wide range of users trust Japan Leather's proposals for new ways to use and enjoy the leather, which take advantage of the SDGS perspective.

Interview in 2022

Kuriizan is a landmark in the bag-producing region of Toyooka. A skilled manufacturer, Connie, has created its original brand, "CREEZAN," named after the famous mountain peak where the sea of clouds can be seen. They develop sophisticated bags that bring out the personality of the person who owns them.

Its signature series "JETTER" is a collection for adults who enjoy traveling. The white shrink-cow leather is particularly eye-catching. Pure white, not white. A special dye called "deep white" is beautiful.

Cleaning the workshop four times a day to ensure cleanliness. Craftsmen wear white coats and gloves to avoid damage from sewing machine oil and glue. Cover the sewing machine and apply tape to hold the machine. It is said that the metal fittings used are polished before sewing. Moreover, the sewing machine is dismantled once a week for meticulous maintenance. Cutting is also done in-house to improve efficiency. Stains are prevented through various processes and delivered to customers under strict control.

"Whitening," a color correction service named by Masaki Nishida, the company's president, is also popular.
After repairing yellowing, dirt, and scratches from long-term use, the white is sprayed with a special paint to restore its beautiful whiteness. Some of the repairs were said to be muddy, but experienced craftsmen carefully removed the stains. Like human skin, it's moisturized, and the handles are reworked. It's leather that won't fool you, so you work with sincerity. It often takes more than three days, including drying.

Using items filled with the creator's thoughts has an irreplaceable special feeling and makes the user proud. It reflects an era in which a long attachment to high-quality leather products expresses a person's way of life and way of thinking.

The women's brand itten-itten features gorgeous color variations and pop, rounded designs. The curve forms a "clothoid curve." It is a spiral that will be introduced to highways and other places, making it very easy to open and close long wallets. A long and large pull is added to the zipper. It's a nice consideration for women with long nails and elderly people who have trouble putting pressure on their fingers. It combines cuteness with universal design.

The company has also started a business to remake school bags. Many of the company's staff members are from the child-rearing generation, and in response to an internal survey showing that grandparents buy school bags, the company started a special production line for remaking school bags called "Ongaeshi Kobo REBACK." A female staff member with elementary school children is in charge. Reclaiming school bags used for six years as a token of gratitude to grandparents into everyday items to promote a cycle of waste reduction and reuse. Users trust a wide range of initiatives that address the needs of the SDGs.