Creative: yuri

Creative: yuri

yuri:Moving beyond Kaizen by building an independent management system Global expansion of leather bags powered by Toyooka's DNA

yuriMoving beyond Kaizen by building an independent management system
Global expansion of leather bags powered by Toyooka's DNA

Pursue careful manufacturing with an industrial-like production system that makes use of inherited history and craftsmanship.
The bags are appealing because they are "unique to Toyooka," and are highly regarded overseas.

Interview in 2022

Yuri, an engineering group based in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, with a 1000 year history of bag making, has created a unique management system, Feedback Cycle Management. They provide feedback and complement each other in seven processes, including repair, planning and manufacturing, which are carried out consistently by the company. By understanding the manufacturing process as a whole and making improvements one after another, it leads to product design, quality improvement and effective use of materials.

Among other things, they focus on repairs. It took three times as much effort as a regular product, and through steady layering, it improved its image of repair. At present, he works on as many as 300 ~ 350 bags a month constantly, elucidating the reasons and causes behind these bags and reflecting them in the production of products. Shozaburo Yuri, president and chief executive officer of the company, sincerely faces the issue that repair is the ultimate SDGs.

That corporate philosophy is symbolized in one of the company's visions: the evolving bag creation brand. Ski bags and garment cases seem to have sold well in the early days of the company, but it's a matter of personal experience to evolve the long-seller into a more complete product. Even regular products are reviewed every two years to fine-tune the details. Do not overlook the changing mood and needs of the times.

A staple product, the Dulles bag is highly regarded overseas for its rarity, technical ability and quality. It opens more easily and wider than zippers, making it easier to see inside and take things out. The opening specifications are tuned for different needs by gender and generation to preserve privacy and prevent theft when opening large.

It also emphasizes weight reduction and independence. Ideally designed to fit into your home decor, the company's bags feature sophisticated designs. They blend into each person's lifestyle with a sense of art and objects. Although it has the "beauty of use" of the Toyooka bag's origin, Yanagiyori, it colors various scenes of new daily life with various expressions.

The original brand "Atelier nuu" challenges the ladies bag area. The simple collection, which incorporates details such as the mouth frame of a bag and retro designs, is popular with a wide range of generations. While keeping a certain distance from the trend, it expresses the timeliness of the times with its color variations.

The company plans to introduce a smaller-sized Dulles bag to meet the solid need for mini bags due to the penetration of cashless payments and the change in possessions. A shop opens in Minami-Senba, Osaka. We set up a space where you can check out the color and texture of the leather that can't be told on the EC site, and we will cater to Japan Leather fans.