Creative: Sanyo

Creative: Sanyo

Sanyo:Value-creating tanners driving the Japan Leather trend through efforts to deepen needs

SanyoValue-creating tanners driving the Japan Leather trend through efforts to deepen needs

A variety of challenges from the long-established tanner Sanyo will change your leathery lifestyle!
More convenient, more safe, more fun.

Interview in 2022

Based in Himeji, Sanyo produces Japan's top quality leather with a history of more than 100 years. With the slogan "MAKER'S LEATHER Make leather for people who make it." the company leads the leather industry as a leather company that fully supports leather manufacturing. A long-established company, it constantly starts projects. It is creating a new trend.

One of them is the "100 BASIC Project," which demonstrates the company's basic technology of tanned leather processing. The delicate and delicate leather production is expressed in a straight line, and the perfection is amazing.

Gradient with 10 finishes and 10 bases. Overwhelming scale and beauty are the crystallization of the craftsmen's work and passion. It moves the viewer's mind. Even with the same bass, the expression and taste are subtly different, so they adjust while confronting the harsh natural environment, temperature, water temperature and humidity. I can only admire the technical ability and team ability to finish homogeneously. In 2017, he was awarded the Good Design Award for his work not only in leather but also in mechanics.

The original product brand WHOSE LEATHER offers a wide range of products, including hammocks ahead of the outdoor boom and stationery that foreshadows the stay home era. Thinking about users' lives and ways of living, he was quick to suggest new everyday leather products to be finished with "leather that can be believed" and was highly praised.

He also showed his enthusiasm for the SDGs, and picked nine priority issues for leather companies at this stage (not only raw materials and processes, but also employment environment and energy measures), and promoted activities to achieve them. The goal was to reduce the use of chromium. While promoting the manufacture and sale of chromium-saving tanned leather (since 2020) and chromium-free tanned leather (Full vegetable tanned, white leather tanned), the book will also be explained in detail on the official website to promote understanding of safe and secure leather making.

Recently, it has acquired ISO 9100 certification, an international standard for the aerospace industry. It has cleared strict inspections that thoroughly check every nook and cranny of plant equipment to ensure cleanliness. Currently, efforts are underway to acquire the LWG (Leather Working Group) international environmental standards.

Such world-class factories are also trying to make leather for aircraft seats. In addition to being highly flame-resistant and low in smoke, it also has antibacterial and antiviral functions that will be in demand in the future. The latest wave of public transportation hires includes buses and rail cars supervised by renowned designer Eiji Mito Oka.

The leather item brand "TAANNERR" started in October 2022. Leather accessories and leather bags are available. Finely designed with the finest leather. High quality, new normal Japanese leather products are presented to meet the user's polarizing preference.

Facing a time of rapid change, we updated our corporate mindset and everything related to leather making. The innovation of long-established tanners, which continue to work on improvements every day, never stops.