Creative: Célencee

Creative: Célencee

Célencee:The goal is a future that is one step ahead. Japanese leather can grow even more.

CélenceeThe goal is a future that is one step ahead.
Japanese leather can grow even more.

A special piece for the special person.
Célencee, a manufacturer that has continued to make high-quality handbags with a sense of luxury and speciality, is now taking a new path.
It doesn't end with handbags. What is the road that connects the future of Japanese leather?

Each Célencee handbag is handcrafted by a craftsman who handles everything from the cutting to the sewing. Célencee, which has continued to make products loved by their customers, is now starting their new challenge.
"Of course, handbags are the base and the core of our company. But limiting Japanese leather to just handbags would be such a waste." They want to take their expertise and pass it on to the next generation. Mr. Ito proudly says that he has the technical capabilities to do so.
Célencee’s leather technology is currently being used in places that don’t stand out at first glance, such as chairs in the departure and arrival lobbies of domestic airports and construction sites.
"For example, if you use leather in places where you used to use decorative tiles. That will give you warmth." Trying to apply the material to different fields is not easy. "It takes time and energy because we are trying to create a path in a place where it didn’t exist before. But that’s ok. Our efforts now will lead to our future."
Bringing Japanese leather to the future. Célencee has now begun to take a new path in order to connect the technology and craftsmanship to the next 10 or 100 years.

Célencee’s commitment is that one craftsman manually finishes each bag backed by reliable technique.

The chairman's favorite python bag is over a decade old. High-quality leather does not damage easily.

This is also a favorite of the chairman, a durable and beautiful business card holder that has become shinier as it is used over time.

A luxurious and attractive chair, a British antique covered with crocodile leather.

Most of the leather lined up here is reptile.