Care: Troubleshooting 7

Care: Troubleshooting 7

Troubleshooting 7:I got a scratch on my favorite leather piece!

Troubleshooting 7I got a scratch on my favorite leather piece!

Effective for deep scratches if repeated many times

For leather lovers, scratches are a part of the charm. However, if you get a scratch that you aren’t happy about, there is a way to get rid of it
The method Mr. Taniwaki taught us is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is apply cream or lotion around the scratch and then wipe it dry. By repeating this several times, it is possible to get rid of deep scratches. Also, if you are dealing with oiled leather, the scratches will disappear just by wiping it dry.
Mr. Taniwaki says, "Regular maintenance with leather cream is the most important thing" to prevent scratches. Keeping it properly moisturized helps prevent scratches.

A shockingly large scratch on the nicely aged leather. It stands out, so you want to repair it somehow. You’re also worried about the scratches on the bottom corner.

Step 1. First, remove the dirt

Clean the surface, because applying cream with dirt still remaining may spread the dirt. Use a plastic eraser and move it lightly without exerting any force to remove dirt.

Step 2. Take the cream on a cloth

Instead of applying the cream directly to the leather, take it once on a cloth. The standard amount for one use is about one pearl. Also, if the cloth is hard, it may damage the leather, so prepare a soft cloth.

Step 3. Rub the cream into the cloth

Rub the cream into the cloth with your fingertips and let it blend in. By adding this extra effort, the cream can be spread thinly and evenly, and uneven coating can be prevented.

Step 4. Apply the cream to the scratch

Apply the cream to the scratch with small circular motions. When the scratches become less noticeable, apply cream to the entire area including the area around the scratches to blur the color unevenness.

Step 5. Add more oil for deep scratches

For hard and deep scratches such as scratches on the corners, it is effective to apply a lotion with a lot of oil. As with cream, take the lotion on a cloth, rub it in, and then apply it.

Step 6. Finish with a dry wipe

Wipe dry with a clean cloth to remove excess oil. If you are still worried about scratches, apply a thinner coat of cream and wipe with a dry cloth several times to make it less noticeable.

Step 7.

The large scratch has magically disappeared! By spreading the cream not only on the scratched parts but also on the entire bag, allowed for an even finish.

Care goods to repair scratches

1. Leather cream that is indispensable for caring for scratches. Genten's original delicate cream (55g / ¥ 840) is mainly composed of lanolin, which is a sebum secretion from sheep, and has a smooth finish.
2. When applying cream or lotion, use underwear that is no longer needed.
3. An eraser that helps remove dirt.
4. For deep scratches, it is effective to use a lotion type with a large amount of oil.

If you apply too much cream, it may cause color unevenness and stains!

People tend to think that it is more effective to use plenty of cream, but this is actually not true. If you concentrate on one section and apply it, it may cause stains. When applying cream, the rule of thumb is "thin and even". It is recommended to rub the pearl-sized cream well into the cloth before applying.