Care: Troubleshooting 2

Care: Troubleshooting 2

Troubleshooting 2:Looks tired and out of shape

Troubleshooting 2Looks tired and out of shape

Repair distortion and shrinkage by hand
while imagining the original shape

In addition to carrying heavy luggage, bags often deform due to the effects of the climate such as dryness and humidity. Just pulling it by hand and adjusting the appearance of the outline will change the overall impression considerably. After that, it is more effective to stuff it and leave it for a couple of days.
Mr. Ozeki says that the key to pulling leather is to "do it in a warm place such as in front of a heater." The leather becomes easier to stretch, and leather craftsmen do this even in midsummer. Also, since leather hardens when it dries, it will be easier to work if you apply oil in advance.
Pack the repaired bag with a towel, etc., and hang it in a well-ventilated place for storage.This will prevent further damage.

A bag that has been totally distorted after many years of use. Unnatural dents, wrinkles, and line deviations are seen everywhere, giving the impression of being tired and worn.

Step 1. Soften the leather with oil

First, use a brush to remove dirt and dust, and then use a sponge to apply oil (Lanapar). The oil softens the leather, making it easier to stretch the leather from Step 2 and on.

Step 2. Correct the outline deformation

Pull on the deformed parts, such as distortion of the lines on both sides and bottom, and crushed gussets, to return to the original shape. If the leather is stiff, pull harder!

Step 3. Push out the corner from the inside

The dents in the corners can be pushed out from the inside with your fingers to reshape them. Instead of your fingers, you can use a stick with a rounded tip, such as the handle of a toothbrush. Push out firmly so that the corners come out.

Step 4. Rub and loosen the hard parts

If the leather is hard and difficult to pull, you can rub it with your fingers to warm it up with frictional heat and soften it. Instead of trying to do a wide area at once, it is better to stretch it while rubbing a small area at a time.

Step 5. Repair small deformations

Places where the same force is constantly applied, such as near the handle, are easily deformed. If there are any distortions or wrinkles that you want to get rid of, pull it with your finger and correct it so that it stretches.

Step 6. Make stuffing with newspaper

Fold newspaper and make some stuffing that is slightly larger than the outline of the bag. It is recommended to wrap the newspaper in white paper at the end to prevent color transfer to the bag.

Step 7. Stuff the bag and maintain the shape

Fill the bag with stuffing to maintain the restored shape. When putting stuffing, the key is to stuff it without gaps with the image of pushing out the wrinkles and distortions.

Step 8. Hang for 1-2 days

After adding the stuffing and shaping it, hang it in a well-ventilated shade and leave it for 1-2 days. By hanging it, it prevents it from losing its shape, and the newspaper packed inside absorbs moisture, making it easier to return to its shape.

Step 9. Finished!

The dented corner has been revived and the distortion of the line near the handle has been straightened. It also has a glossy appearance and a luxurious appearance!

Care goods to correct shape loss

1. A sponge for applying oil.
2. Lanapar recommended by Mr. Ozeki (250g / ¥ 3,150). A leather treatment containing beeswax and jojoba oil as the main ingredients, which has moisturizing, water-repellent, and antifungal effects.
3. Before starting work, brush it to remove dirt and dust.
4. Newspapers used as stuffing. The newspapers absorb moisture as well.
5. Before packing the newspaper in the bag, cover it with white paper to prevent color transfer.

Use an iron for stubborn deformations!

Ironing is effective for distortions and deep wrinkles that cannot be returned by just pulling by hand. Set to a low temperature, use a thin cloth, and iron to stretch. However, be aware that some leather may be damaged.