Care: Troubleshooting 5

Care: Troubleshooting 5

Troubleshooting 5:I want to soften hard leather!

Troubleshooting 5I want to soften hard leather!

Achieve both comfort & style
With a little effort before the season

As winter approaches, you take out your leather jacket to wear, but it’s become stiff. The probable cause is hardening due to lack of oil. You can rely on wax, which has a high moisturizing effect.
The key is to spread the wax thinly and leave it for half a day so that it penetrates deep into the leather. Mr. Takagi says, "Waxing is recommended at night." If you apply it before going to bed, you can wear it the next morning just by wiping it dry.
Also, if you want more softness, you can wipe it with water. Soak a cloth in lukewarm water, wring out tightly, wipe the area of ​​concern, and then apply the wax. However, please note that some leathers are prone to color unevenness.

For the leather jacket that you haven’t worn in a year, the armpits and the elbow areas have become especially stiff. You want the jacket to look a little more worn in and sophisticated.

Step 1. Remove dirt and dust in advance

Before applying wax, first brush to remove dirt and dust. Brush especially carefully in areas where dust tends to collect, such as seams and around the zipper.

Step 2. Apply a “thin” coat of wax

Take a small amount of wax on a sponge or cloth and gently stroke it to spread it on the leather. The amount of wax used is about 5g per piece. Don’t apply so much that the leather becomes moist.

Step 3. Use your hands to make the wax penetrate into the leather

After applying the wax, if there is a part you want to soften even more, blend it in by hand. Also, in places where wax tends to accumulate, such as around the zippers and seams, brushing can prevent unevenness.

Step 4. Wipe dry to finish

After applying the wax, be sure to let it rest for at least half a day and let it penetrate deep into the leather. After that, the excess oil remaining on the surface can be wiped dry. Instead of rubbing it, use gentle stroking motions.

Step 5. Rewax the part you want to soften more

Try wearing the jacket, and if there are still areas where you are concerned about, reapply wax to those areas. Take a little more wax on the sponge and stretch it by stroking it lightly.

Step 6. Don't forget the armpits and back

When checking for stiffness, it's a good idea to wear the clothes you usually wear most under your jacket and try moving your body. Apply more wax to the parts that you find difficult to move.

Step 7. Move your body to make the leather fit your body

Do not wipe off the applied wax, but move your body or rub it in by hand to allow it to penetrate. You can maintain the best condition by taking care or your jacket about once a month during the season.

Step 8. Finished!

The oil penetrated deep into the leather, giving it suppleness and luster. Also, by applying wax while wearing the jacket and moving the body, you achieved that three-dimensional worn-in effect.

Care goods that create suppleness

1. A super soft pig hair brush. Safe to use for delicate leather.
2. A slightly stiff pig bristle brush. Effectively removes dust and dirt.
3. Horsehair brush. Brush with this after applying wax, to spread it evenly.
4. A cloth for dry wiping.
5. A sponge used when applying wax.
6. Cloth for wax application.
7. Tenjin Works original "jojoba wax" (20g / ¥ 950) with excellent moisturizing effect.

One more step to give it a nice “nuanced” finish.

If you want to give a “worn-in look” to a jacket you just bought or a jacket that has become stiff due to neglect of care, we recommend adding certain nuances by hand. Try rubbing the collar, pulling on the pockets and cuffs ... Just by doing this, the jacket will have a nice “worn-in” look.