Care: Troubleshooting 1

Care: Troubleshooting 1

Troubleshooting 1:My brushed leather item has dirt on them!

Troubleshooting 1My brushed leather item has dirt on them!

Remove the dirt from all directions
Finish in one direction

Brushed leather is easy to get dirty and the dirt soaks in easily. Also, because the surface is not smooth, it cannot be polished, and brushing is pretty much all you can do. Therefore, you will need to be a little careful when handling it.
Caring for brushed leather is basically raising the flattened fibers and scraping off the dirt in between the fibers. Brush in all directions to remove dirt, but when finishing, move the brush in one direction. In addition, brushed leather does not repel water and soaks in immediately. Therefore, prevent water stains by applying a waterproof / water-repellent spray for leather on a daily basis.

Suede desert boots. At first glance, it doesn't look very dirty, but if you look closely, the color of the instep looks dark. The fibers have flattened, and the shape of the shoes looks fuzzy.

Step 1. Remove the shoe laces

Remove the shoe laces so that the tongue part can be brushed firmly. If you skip this, dirt will accumulate on the tongue part all the time, and there is a risk that it will soak into the leather and you will not be able to remove it.

Step 2. Insert a shoe tree

Insert a shoe tree to prevent it from getting out of shape. Be sure to use one that matches the shape of your shoes. If you force a larger size, you will stretch the leather, so be careful.

Step 3. Brush to remove dirt

Use a brush to remove dirt. For the purpose of removing dirt, brush from all directions without considering the direction of the fibers. Raise the flattened fibers and move the brush to remove the dirt.

Step 4. Use raw rubber to remove stubborn dirt and stains

Scrape off any tough dirt with suede rubber. If the rubber gets dirty, use a different side of the rubber. Rubbing it will leave a mark, so check the balance with the surrounding area.

Step 5. Protect against water and stains with waterproof spray

When the dirt is removed, apply a waterproof spray for leather. Unlike leather with a smooth surface, brushed leather is easily stained with water droplets. Therefore, you definitely want to apply waterproof spray.

Step 6. Finally, smooth out the fibers

When the waterproof spray dries, brush again to straighten the fibers. When brushing,don’t forget the small areas such as the seams.

Step 7. Finished!

Brushed leather looks beautiful just by brushing and adjusting the direction of the fibers. Keep in mind to brush and use waterproof spray frequently to prevent dirt from depositing.

Care goods that are effective against dirt on brushed leather

1. A water-repellent spray for leather is effective not only for waterproofing but also for preventing stains. Collonil leather waterproof spray (¥ 1,890).
2. Phosphor bronze brush. It’s metal, but has very fine hair and is very soft. Edoya Suede and Nubuck (¥ 2,940).
3. Raw rubber for removing tough stains. Rubber 50mm x 50mm (¥ 420) for suede and nubuck.
4. A shoe tree that prevents the shoe from getting out of shape. DASCO Shoe Tree Albany (¥ 12,600)

Wet and remove stains

Once brushed leather such as suede and nubuck gets wet and dries, a stain tends to form between the boundary of the wet and non-wet areas. To deal with this, wet the entire area to lift the stains and dry in the shade.

If you can't remove it, dye it.

As you use brushed leather, you may get stains that won't come off even after maintenance. In such a case, you can take the plunge and re-dye it to make the stains less noticeable.