Care: Troubleshooting 6

Care: Troubleshooting 6

Troubleshooting 6:I got my leather wet and now there’s a water stain!

Troubleshooting 6I got my leather wet and now there’s a water stain!

Use plenty of water to remove stains and oil

It is said that you shouldn’t get leather products wet. The reason is that when the water dries, the dirt and oil that has soaked into the leather will precipitate at the boundary between the wet and dry parts and become stains. Unlike surface stains, these stains cannot be removed by simply polishing the surface.
The best way to remove these water stains is to moisten the entire leather with water and move the dirt and oil from that location to remove it. Therefore, it becomes key to soak the leather with plenty of water. If you wet only that part, the edge of the wet part will become a stain again, so it is important to get the entire item wet.
After removing the dirt that has seeped out due to the leather getting wet, dry it completely and add an appropriate amount of oil again using a leather-retaining cream to restore it.

A bi-fold wallet that has been used well and is slightly darkened by hand stains. The traces of raindrops on the outside and water droplets from drinks became stains and remained firmly on the surface.

Step 1. Check the location of stains

First, check where the stain is and what kind of stain it is. Then soak a towel with plenty of water. The purpose is to really get it "wet", so don’t be afraid to really soak it.

Step 2. Wipe the entire piece to get it wet

Soak the leather in water while wiping to remove the dirt. The point is to penetrate the entire item until the stain disappears. Like making the dirt come out when you’re doing laundry.

Step 3. Make the stain disappear

The whole area was evenly soaked in water. If you don't let the water penetrate into the leather, you will create more stains. If stains remain on the surface at this stage, there is a high possibility they are oil stains.

Step 4. Be careful of stains on the inside and get it wet.

There are no water stains on the inside of the wallet, but wipe it with water in the same way as on the surface to remove dirt. However, it is meaningless to make water stains by getting it wet, so work evenly.

Step 5. Dry and check for dirt

Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place. Shape and dry on a clean towel so that the leather does not stick as much as possible. If it dries and stains remain, repeat the steps several times.

Step 6. Remove dirt and add oil

When it is completely dry, remove the dirt on the surface with an emulsifying stain remover that has a leather-retaining ingredient. Hand stains will be removed at this stage. It also has the meaning of giving oil to the leather, so let it soak in firmly.

Step 7. Use saddle soap for tough stains

For tough oil stains, wash it with saddle soap (soap for leather). Apply soap to the sponge to bring out the dirt. After washing and drying, use emulsifying cream to retain leather.

Step 8. Finished!

Even if it gets wet, it will be restored if it is completely dried and a leather-retaining cream is applied. The water stain in question has disappeared to the point where you don't know where it was. Also, the overall darkening has become lighter.

Care goods that are effective against water stains

1. An emulsifying cleaner that removes dirt and oil that has soaked into leather. The Shoe of life Moisture cream (¥ 1,260).
2. Leather soap that can also nourish leather. R & DM. Mobley Saddle Soap (¥ 840).
3. A sponge used when washing with saddle soap. It is not specifically for leather, but the finer the texture, the better the foam.
4. Clean towel. Since it is for wiping with water, prepare a clean one.