Care: Polish

Care: Polish

Professional advice on how to polish leather:Do you polish your shoes properly?

Professional advice on how to polish leatherDo you polish your shoes properly?

Daily care is very important for products made of leather, which is a “living material”.
In particular, the lifespan of your leather shoes that support your feet everyday changes depending on the care.
We asked a shoe professional to teach us how to care for such leather shoes.

1. Remove dirt

Use a brush to remove dust and mud from your shoes. You want to use a proper shoe brush made from pig or horsehair. Be careful not to damage the leather with the corners of the brush. Use a cleaner if the dirt is difficult to remove.

2. Apply cream

Insert a shoe tree and smooth out the wrinkles so that the cream can be applied evenly over the entire area. Apply an emulsion type cream to the entire surface using a cloth. Draw small circles and spread it evenly and thinly.

3. Brushing

Brush before wiping. It has the effect of removing excess cream and spreading the applied cream to increase its luster. Try to use different shoe brushes depending on the color of the cream.

4. Wipe

Wipe the entire surface with a clean dry cloth. By moving the cloth quickly, the leather is heated and the cream is melted, which makes it even more glossy.

5. Mirror finish on toes

Basic care is up to 4. If you want to take it a step further, do a mirror-finish for the toes. Apply oil based shoe polish and polish to fill the surface irregularities.

Polish the leather sole

Clean the leather on the soles with a stiff brush and apply mink oil to maintain the leather.

Don't forget the edges

Clean the edge between the sole and the upper with a special edge brush, and apply emulsifying cream.

Care changes depending on the material

Brushing is everything when caring for suede. Remove stubborn stains with a special rubber. Apply water repellent and complementary color spray as appropriate.

A shoe tree is a must

The shoes worn all day contain plenty of humidity. Insert a shoe tree after wearing it to prevent it from getting out of shape, absorb moisture, and keep your shoes in good condition.