Care: Shoe Polishing

Care: Shoe Polishing

Shoe Polishing:Make a difference with the brilliance of your shoes! Shoe Polishing

Shoe PolishingMake a difference with the brilliance of your shoes!
Shoe Polishing

The classic approach to leather maintenance is shoe polishing.
Here we introduce the essence of shoe polishing, which will make your shoes look good as new.

"The most important thing is cleansing. If you don't clean it well, it will be like putting on new makeup over your face without removing old makeup."
When it comes to shoe polishing, you may want to put the emphasis on the “polishing” part, but first, it's important to know the correct skin care. Just like it’s important to take regular care of your skin while you are young, it is important to start caring for your shoes immediately after purchasing. If you wear 3 or 4 pairs, you want to care for them at least once a month. Clean thoroughly with brushing and cleansing, and nourish and moisturize with cream. This alone makes the shoes shine considerably. Finally, polish the toe part to complete the sexy look.

Brown men's shoes that have faded a little. The whitening has become noticeable.

Step.1 Insert the shoe tree

Before you start, it's very important to put in a shoe tree and maintain the shape. Wrinkles stretch out and dirt is easily removed. Be sure to choose one that matches the size of your shoes.

Step.2 Brushing

Brush the surface to remove dirt. Mr. Futamura uses a soft horsehair brush. Brush back and forth between the toes and heels.

Step.3 Cleansing

Take some cleaner on a cloth and wipe one shoe at once. Repeat this about 3 times, and when it is very dirty, repeat it 4 or 5 times. Like cleansing old makeup before applying new makeup.

Step.4 Apply emulsifying cream

Lightly spread colorless emulsifying cream with a brush. It is good to apply it mainly on the damaged part. If you use a cloth, the cloth will absorb the cream, so use a brush.

Step.5 Brushing

Spread evenly with a brush. Extend from the intensively applied parts such as toes and heels to the entire shoe. Don't forget to scrape off the cream that is stuck in the wrinkles.

Step.6 Wiping

Wipe off excess cream. Even if you don't have a special glove like the one in the picture, you can use a worn-out T-shirt. Wipe off all the applied cream.

Step.7 Apply polish

Trace the high shine polish with a cloth wrapped around your finger, and melt the wax with frictional heat to blend it into the cotton. Be sure to apply it only to the toe part, as if filling the pores.

Step.8 Wait until it dries

When you finish applying the polish to the entire toe, be sure to wait about 30 seconds. If you proceed to the next step without waiting, the cloth will absorb the polish before it penetrates into the leather.

Step.9 Brushing

When the wax component has hardened white on the surface of the shoe, use a brush to blend it in. Here, too, a pig hair brush is used. Gloss is created by moving the brush sideways quickly.

Step.10 Wiping

Use a cloth to further polish the surface. A mirror finish where you add drops of water is also popular, but a brush and cloth alone can give a sufficient luster, resulting in an elegant finish.

Step.11 Complete

The white stains have been removed, and the original elegant luster of the leather has been restored. The toe has a beautiful glow.

Color cream goes a long way!

Please see the picture above. This is by no means some special effect. Leather shoes that have been neglected for more than half a year were cared for as introduced above. The only difference is that the cream used was colored. It takes less than 10 minutes. Go ahead, help breathe new life into your shoes!

Apply color cream to the damaged toes and heels and spread it all over. A few rice grain size amount is enough.