Care: Basic Care

Care: Basic Care

Basic Care:The iron rule is that you don’t let dirt accumulate! Basic Care

Basic CareThe iron rule is that you don’t let dirt accumulate!
Basic Care

When it comes to cleaning, the less the better.
We asked about the secret of wiping with water, which is the ultimate way of cleaning.

Many people consider wiping leather with water to be taboo. Mr. Yasutomi, who advocates this method, once believed that "water is the greatest enemy to leather."
But the leather saddle soap he saw in the UK many years ago was a catalyst for a major change in his idea about shoe care. “Washing leather?” Mr. Yasutomi was very skeptical, but once he did, the leather looked as good as new. "It is often said that "leather is breathable", but this is not entirely true. To be precise, leather has the "breathing effect" with the fibers absorbing and exhaling moisture, rather than having holes in the surface of the leather. This is more than having breathability. "
When dirt accumulates on the inner surface of the leather, the respiratory action weakens. By wiping it with water, you can get the dirt out and restore it to its healthy state.

Basic black straight tip. A product that makes all the difference with the proper care because it is so simple.

Step 1. Brushing

First, brush to remove dust. Remove dirt from the edges and seams. When you don't have time, just brushing makes a difference.

Step 2. Prepare water

Prepare water in the washbasin and squeeze the towel loosely so that the water drips. Warm water is OK, but avoid hot water. It will hurt the leather.

Step 3. Wipe the outside with water

Wipe it evenly with water so that the entire shoe is wet, and then wipe off the excess water with a tapping motion. By soaking the leather with water, old shoe cream and mud are removed.

Step 4. Wipe the inside with water

When you finish wiping the outside, don't forget to wipe the inside with water. Wipe the toe area, which is difficult to reach by hand, by pushing a small towel with the handle of a brush. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt that can be removed!

Evenness is key!

The key to wiping with water is to wipe the entire surface evenly. If parts are left unwiped, dirt accumulated on the leather may be pushed towards the edge of a wet portion, causing a ring stain.

Step 5. Dry in the shade

After wiping it clean, dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place. If you expose it to direct sunlight, the leather will deform or harden, so you definitely want to avoid that.

Friction removes dirt from brushed leather!

Unlike smooth leather, brushed leather such as suede, velor, and nubuck, whose surface is covered with fibers, tends to collect dirt in the gaps between the fibers and is difficult to remove. The best way to get rid of this stubborn stain is to use friction. Brush the surface strongly with a hard material such as a nylon brush, a wire brush, or a sponge. When using a brush, rotate it from the inside to the outside.

Brushed leather can also be wiped with water!

Brushed leather can be wiped with water as well. However, if it dries while the hair is lying down, it will become hard, so brush it after it dries.