Care: Dairy Care 1

Care: Dairy Care 1

Daily Care 1:Daily care: Refresh suede casual shoes Raised leather knitting

Daily Care 1Daily care:
Refresh suede casual shoes
Raised leather knitting

We tend to think that suede shoes are difficult to maintain because they can't be polished normally. An easy-to-understand lecture by Hiroaki Mihashi, an expert and colorist in the Planning Department of Columbus, Japan's top manufacturer of care products. We want to wear popular shoes like wallabies and moccasins beautifully.

Interview in 2022

Step1 Before Care

Care for lace-up shoes should be done after the shoe keeper is inserted and the shoe laces removed.
Using a large horsehair brush, brush all over, including the edges. Also remove dust from the base of the blades and tongue. Fleece leather is dust-prone and needs adequate brushing. Brushing won't damage the leather, so you want to do it carefully.

Step 2 Clean the dirt with a fresh rubber type cleaner.

Remove stains with a raw rubber cleaner (love rub cleaner). Along the direction of the leather fibers (the thickening direction), scrub off any remaining dirt. If dirt is hard to remove, use a suede cleaner (For the sand eraser of suede spray cleaner and two-way gum cleaner) in combination. Smaller contact surfaces for sand erasers are more tensioned and effective. Use a rubber horn to remove sticky dirt that has coalesced.

Step 3 Brushing

Brush with a wire brush. The crushed bristles can also be raised with a wire brush.

Step 4 Remove stains with suede cleaner

Apply suede cleaner (suede spray cleaner) all over. If you leave it for a while, the dirt will come out, so brush it off. The crepe sole uses two-face lotion. Use lotion if the crepe sole comes in contact with paper or stains that stick to it. Repair the soles at a repair shop.

Step 5 Apply leather spray

Spray a misty oil (Leather Cure Nubuck Suede Nutritional Mist) 15 ~ 20 cm apart to moisten completely. After 10 to 20 minutes, let dry completely and brush hair. In the case of dark leather, color adjustments are made by using a complementary color agent (Leather Cure Nubuck Suede Complementary Color Mist) when the color is lost.

Step 6 Apply waterproof spray

Apply waterproof spray (AMeDAS 420 water repellent spray). Spray evenly, 15 ~ 20 cm apart. Always ventilate when applying waterproof spray. Try to avoid spots in an inconspicuous area (Inside heel, lining of tongue, etc.) before spraying.