Care: Dairy Care 2

Care: Dairy Care 2

Daily Care 2:Daily care: If your boots get moldy Mildew-control book

Daily Care 2Daily care:
If your boots get moldy
Mildew-control book

When I tried to put on the boots I had put away, the mold ・・・. In an easy-to-understand lecture, Hiroaki Mihashi, an expert and colorist in the Planning Department of Columbus, Japan's top manufacturer of care products, explains what to do in such situations. Don't miss the precautions against mold.

Interview in 2022

Step1 Before Care

Spray the cloth with Leather Cure Mist Platinum and gently stroke the sprayed cloth to remove shoe stains. Always remove with clean parts of the cloth, as the cloth will wipe away mold. When handling moldy shoes, do so in a well-ventilated area, such as with windows open. Do not brush mold. They can be transferred to other places, and inhaling mold is bad for your health. Masks should be used if necessary. The cloth used to remove mold should be sealed in a plastic bag and discarded.

Step 2 Spray mist

Once the mold on the boot surface has been removed, spray all over with Leather Cure Mold Mist Platinum.

Step3 Cleaning

If there's a blackish spot on the surface, it's the root of black mold. Remove with a cleaner (toward the sand eraser in the two-way gum cleaner).
[Attention!] It is not possible to completely remove mold roots. In addition, it is not possible to remove blue mold, red mold, etc.

Step 4: Apply cream

For bicolor, moisturize with a special cream for delicate leather (Boot Black Delicate Cream). If you want an overall luster, use a colorless emulsifying cream.

Step 5 Brushing and Finishing

Brush everything with a pig bristle brush until blended.
Finally, polish with a cloth and wipe carefully with a dry cloth. Just a brush and cloth will do. It gives a beautiful finish.