Care: Storage

Care: Storage

Storage:Take care of your leather items, even when you're not using them! Storage

StorageTake care of your leather items, even when you're not using them!

Just when you want to use your favorite leather item, mold has grown on it...!
How many people have experienced this?
Let's learn the correct storage method so as not to experience such a disaster.

In order to use your favorite leather items in the best condition whenever you want, it is essential to be careful when storing them. With a little effort, you can use it comfortably every time, and enjoy the charm unique to leather products. The important thing when storing your items, is to give proper basic care before putting it away and to pay attention to maintaining the shape during storage. It's all about removing dirt, taking measures such as using insect repellent, avoiding moisture, and deodorizing, and then storing the item while keeping its original beautiful shape.
"Even if you put it in a drawer, it will change color by being exposed to fluorescent light every time you open the drawer."
Keep in mind that it is such a delicate thing, and let's nurture our beloved item.

A bag that has been used for about 5 years. The bottom is slightly crushed because the owner didn't pay attention to the storage.

Step1. Brushing

First, remove the dirt by brushing. A horsehair brush was used. Imagine scraping out dirt that has clogged the pores. Remove the dirt stuck in the seams.

Step2. Spray cleaner

Use a spray-type cleaner, press it with a cloth, and then wipe it off. It is a burden for the leather to remove dirt, so try not to rub it forcibly.

Step3. Cream cleaner

Use a cream cleaner to remove any dirt that has come out with the spray cleaner. Use a small amount that you can’t tell if the cream is there. Do not overuse.

Step4. Waterproof spray

Waterproof spray for the final touch. If you spray it suddenly and the liquid gets stuck, it may cause stains, so start blowing in an empty space and move it onto the leather!

Step5. Remove the garbage inside

The inside of the bag gets dirty without you knowing it. Turn it upside down and remove any trash. It is important to make an effort to empty the bag that you use every day to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.

Step6. Deodorant spray

You can prevent unpleasant odors by using a deodorant spray for the finish. If the inside is dirty, soak a cloth with mild detergent and wipe it off.

Step7. Pack the filling material

Fill a non-woven fabric with newspaper and stuff it in the bag. Avoid using only the newspapers as it will cause the ink color to transfer. Finally, inserting a moisture absorbing sheet is effective in preventing mold.

Step8. Suspend and store

To keep the beautiful shape of the bag, it is best to hang it and store it. In that case, it is important to avoid thin hooks and wire hangers and choose one that matches the shape of the handle.

Hangers are the key to storing clothing

The most important point is choosing the right hanger for clothing, since it will be pulled by gravity for a long time. A thin hanger that bites into the leather is terrible or course, but what you should pay particular attention to is the shoulder width. If you store it on something that does not fit the size, the leather will be deformed into the shape of the hanger. Do not neglect checking this in advance!

If you choose a hanger that matches the shoulder width of the jacket, you can store it in its original beautiful silhouette. On the other hand, if the hanger is too big, the shoulder will pop out and it will be transformed into that shape.

An unwanted crease or wrinkle can be fixed with an iron. Be sure to iron over a cloth at low to medium temperatures.

If leather gets wet and then dries rapidly, the leather will be deformed, so steam is strictly prohibited! Try it in an inconspicuous place first.