Creative: plus by chausser

Creative: plus by chausser

plus by chausser:Classic DNA that goes beyond design

plus by chausserClassic DNA that goes beyond design

Wouldn't it be interesting to incorporate men's classic molds, manufacturing methods, and designs into womens' styles? In 2000, when chausser was launched, there were still very few men's-like womens' shoe available. That initial idea still lives on.

“Instead of just incorporating men's designs into womens' shoes superficially, I wanted to incorporate technical aspects such as the Goodyear welt method,” says Yoichi Maeda, looking back on the time when the brand was established. Rather than following the trends, his style of making shoes that make use of wooden lasts and manufacturing methods from the perspective of making "truly good shoes" has not changed. Currently, lines such as MUKAVA and plus by chausser have derived from the original brand, but all of the designs are traditional and classic. The silhouette of the wooden last, the texture of the material, and the finish are the highlights of the product.
"If you start to pursue details, it becomes difficult to produce in large quantities. I hope that we can maintain and improve quality while making a certain number and that more people can become familiar with chausser shoes."
Mr. Maeda talks about future prospects. He speaks matter of factly, but considering the details he puts into the wooden lasts, manufacturing method, design, etc., one can understand the tremendous amount of work he puts in. However, for Mr. Maeda, that is the "natural flow of things".

As with the shoes, the bags also have a classical mood in the texture of the material, construction, and design. In addition, he also handles small leather goods such as wallets.

Classical colors are also one of the characteristics of the brand.

The sneaker line sesamis is unique among chaussers. The careful construction, such as the use of the vulcanized manufacturing method where the rubber is hand-pasted, creates an elegant mood in the upbeat design.

Prior to chausser, Mr. Maeda had a men's shoe brand that worked from 1998-2000. He received 500 orders for the pair in the photo at his first exhibition.

A sample that shows the production process of shoes made by his father who was a shoemaker.