Creative: Masugi

Creative: Masugi

Masugi:Established in 1713 High-quality leather for sophisticated adults bred by tradition

MasugiEstablished in 1713
High-quality leather for sophisticated adults bred by tradition

Dakota horse leather used for the ‘Second Effort’ brand by Masugi. This leather, which takes about 2 months to tan, has tight fibers and a powerful wavy look to it. This leather, which becomes more beautiful the more you use it, is a gem that tickles the man's heart.

Founded in 1713. Masugi Co., Ltd. began its journey by manufacturing and selling smoking equipment.
With the passage of time, kiseru pipes became cigarettes, and the craftsmen who made leather products used for smoking equipment shifted to making leather bags.
Since then, the company has been manufacturing in its hometown of Kyoto for hundreds of years, constantly learning from their excellent connoisseurs. From early on, they specialized in manufacturing and selling bags made of exotic leather, and currently manufactures and sells domestic and overseas brand bags centered on their private brand "coto".
In addition, from autumn / winter 2015, they launched a men's bag and goods line "Second Effort". The traditional techniques cultivated over many years will continue to live in the ancient city.

A craft school taught by professionals is held in a corner of the directly managed store "MIYABIYA" located on the 1st floor of the head office. Students use a leather sewing machine to make their preferred accessory.

The coto original color "BalticBlue" crocodile bag has a jewel-like shine inspired by the deep colors of the Baltic Sea.

Knowledgeable craftsmen are stationed in the workshop, and they will help with any questions or problems you may have with your leather products. Customers can also ship in their items if they live far away.