Knowledge: Mens' Bag

Knowledge: Mens' Bag

Men’s bags:How to choose a leather bag.

Men’s bagsHow to choose a leather bag.

The bag is the best stage to make the most of leather.
The entirety of the leather can be seen in a bag.
Life with leather, starting with a leather bag.

From "Japanese Leather No. 2" published in 2009

A nice leather bag is great as gifts and as a reward for yourself. There are a wide variety of leather bags. You also need the knowledge to find a great bag. Here we’ll introduce leather bags according to their use and look. However, what can be said for both business and town use bags is the importance of how it looks standing. Choose a bag that has no wrinkles and stands up firmly.

Leather bag with intelligence:
Attache case

The attache case, which is excellent for storing and organizing documents, has the best presence as a business bag. Therefore, you want to be careful about how to choose one. Check the the storage space inside and whether you can maintain a sense of stability even if you put things in it. Choose from thin styles to large ones that can be used for business trips.

The handle should be strong and easy to hold. Check the sewing and whether the base is symmetrical.

Since the attache case is often placed on the ground, the bottom is easily damaged. Look for one that has reliable sewing and strong construction.

The metal fittings are an important accent of the leather bag. Check if the opening and closing is smooth and the connection with the leather is sturdy

The king of business bags:

A briefcase is a bag made for business. With a large opening and closing and a wide range of gusset width, it is excellent for storing documents and materials. Choose the bag with the image of what you want to put it in. It is a basic bag for business life that can be used for short business trips as well.

The greatest of all leather bags:
Dulles bag

The Dulles bag is the most picturesque leather bag. The beauty of the standing figure, such as the gloss and balance of the leather, and whether the design draws a flowing curve, is a key factor. It is stable even with the bag open, the contents can be taken out smoothly, and it has excellent functionality. It is a leather bag that can be used for everything from business to travel, and can be described with words such as dignity, excellence, and prestige.

To accompany your trip:
Boston bag

The greatest strength of the Boston bag is its storability. The mouth is wide and the bottom is wide. If you open it, you can see the inside, so it's convenient to take items out. And it is the zipper that goes around the bag that supports this storage capacity. If the line is uneven, it may get caught in the luggage or the leather may be twisted. This is a point that should be carefully check along with the smooth opening and closing.

Convenient small bags:
Second bag & Dulles bag

Originally, the second bag and pouch were auxiliary to the large bag. However, in modern times, it is useful for formal occasions and small outings. It is often held under the arm, so make sure that the metal fittings don't get caught in your clothes. Also, refrain from using leather that easily transfers to clothes.

The leader of the eco-era:
Tote bag

"Tote" means "transportation", but like its name, it has a large capacity and is the best bag for carrying things. The point to check is the hand strap. It is required to have the strength to withstand the weight and the softness that is gentle on the shoulders. The leather tote bag has a calm appearance even in a casual style, so use it as an alternative to a shopping bag.

3 points in choosing a bag

1. A great leather bag looks and feels great

A bag that stands well is less likely to lose its shape because the weight is applied uniformly. Check the balance of all directions, and the presence of distortion and unnatural wrinkles.

2. Seam accuracy and durability go hand in hand

Rough seams create wrinkles and eventually damage the leather. Choose a bag that does not have threads that are loose and is sewn straight and evenly. Don't forget to check the inner seams.

3. A handle that is robust and fits well in the hand

The handle that supports the weight of the leather bag must be sturdy. Check if it is firmly sewn to the bag. In addition, the handle of a high-quality bag fits in your hand the more you hold it.