Knowledge: Ladies' bags

Knowledge: Ladies' bags

Ladies’ bags:How to choose a leather handbag.

Ladies’ bagsHow to choose a leather handbag.

Handbags are versatile.
For business, for parties, for dates and for leisure.
These are tips for choosing a bag according to the TPO.


Choose a formal handbag that can be used for various occasions. The criteria for choosing are not to violate public manners. Reptile leather with rich patterns and those with noticeable luster and metal fittings are not appropriate. The color should be able to match to any style, Japanese or Western, so black is a good choice.
Tips for long-term use are sturdy hand straps, good leather quality, and good stitching. All of these can be seen, touched, and checked at the store, so choose a bag based on these. You will surely find an item that you can carry for a long time.

Choose a hand strap that is comfortable to hold and durable

The handles of formal handbags are made stiff. Check how they feel in your hands and the robustness of the base.

There is a limit to the storability. Try to only carry essentials.

A makeup pouch, a wallet, a mobile phone and an envelope for a gift of money should be enough. If you put more than the capacity, it will lose its shape.

The bag will keep its shape if the bottom is made sturdy and well.

The fragile bottom corner requires good sewing. Also, the soft bottom is prone to losing its shape. Look for a certain hardness.

Durability is key for the body that has the most contact.

The leather of the body is soft, but ones with a core on the inside are highly durable. The presence or absence of the core can be confirmed by feeling the bag.

Town & Business

Recently, there are more handbags that can be used for both business and town use. In other words, you are using one bag for longer periods of time. Naturally, there are many things to store, and a reasonable number of partitions are required inside. However, if you put more than the capacity, it will damage the leather and cause it to lose its shape. It is important to first select a bag with an image of how you’ll be using it. At the store, you should check not only the storage capacity but also the straps and weight. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a bag to use 9 to 5 and beyond.

The basis of a business bag is the storage capacity

The main premise of a business bag is that it can store A4 size documents. Check the storage capacity considering what you’ll be putting in the bag.

Importance of partitions that support functionality and safety

For the safety of your valuables and the convenience of organizing them, it is better to have multiple partitions and one that can be closed as a whole.

Choose a soft strap that is gentle on your shoulders

The straps for handbags are made soft. Hold it in your hand, hang it on your shoulder, and see how it works for you.

Because it can't be repaired, check the zippers thoroughly

If the zipper breaks, there is no choice but to replace it. See if the zipper opens and closes t smoothly before purchasing.

Select a bag with a strong core that can be used for a long time

If the core at the bottom breaks, it will lose its shape. Check if the core is firmly attached to the leather without any gaps