Knowledge: Accessories

Knowledge: Accessories

Accessories:Small items that increase in texture each time you use them.

AccessoriesSmall items that increase in texture each time you use them.

For small leather goods that are handled often, various strengths are important as the texture changes.
Here are some tips when purchasing.

Compared to shoes and bags, small items are only exposed when needed. On the other hand, you can pick it up many times a day and change its texture with your own hands. The design and functional parts are greatly influenced by each person's taste, and how they choose an item will depend on their own criteria.
Here, we will discuss each of the main items from wallets to mobile phone straps, such as points to look for when purchasing, and the craftsmen’s attention to detail which are not surprisingly known.

Long wallet

A long wallet is one of the major types of leather goods. A long wallet that can hold bills without folding them has a large area, so it can be said that it is the item that you can enjoy the change in the unique texture of leather the most. Points that are often overlooked are the strength of the coin purses and gussets. Choose products that are less likely to wrinkle and crack.

Coin purse

The most important point for choosing a coin purse is the ease of putting in and taking out the coins. Rather than how much it can hold, choose based on how easy you can see the inside. Also, since coins cause leather to deteriorate, choose a material that is tough and hard to get dirty.

Bi-fold wallet

The bi-fold wallet can be easily stored in the bag, and the points to look for are how well it fits in the pocket of your pants or jacket, and the functionality of the coin purse and card holders. Well made items are made so that they do not lose their shape even after repeated use.

Card case

The materials used for plastic cards cause great damage to leather. If the holder part is made of a material that is hard and resistant to color damage, or if it is combined with a different material, it should be usable for a relatively long time. Choose based on material and design as well as the storage capacity.

Business card holder

The business card holder is an important item that greatly affects your first impression towards clients. There are many variations of designs and leathers, so carefully consider your personality and make a strategic choice. Check the toughness of the leather on the inside as well as on the outside.

Book cover

What is required of a book cover is to protect important books and at the same time to be comfortable to hold. A soft leather fits in your hands from the start, but it's also fun to slowly nurture a cover made with hard leather. Be sure to cherish your first impression.

Key case

Recent car keys are bulky, such as electronic keys, and can expand more than you initially expected. It is important to think about all of the keys you carry with you at the time of purchase. Also, since it stores keys with irregular shapes, think about how it will wrinkle when choosing the leather.

Mobile phone strap

A leather cell phone strap turns an inorganic cell phone into a product with more warmth. The most important thing is the texture of leather. Since it is probably the most used small leather item, check the strength of details such as bonded items and the stitching before purchasing.