Creative: Tsuchiya Kaban

Creative: Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya Kaban Karuizawa Studio:A new challenge for Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya Kaban Karuizawa StudioA new challenge for Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya Kaban opened their Karuizawa Studio in June, 2015.
Hoping children will love their school bag or randoseru, which is their very first bag.
A luxurious time that creates a memorable encounter with a bag.

It all started with a single sewing machine. Tsuchiya Kaban, which was founded in 1965, opened a school bag or randoseru studio in Karuizawa in June 2015 as the first store in Nagano. Karuizawa is an elegant and historic city. The cityscape, where Japanese and Western cultures meet, has similarities with bag making. It was the perfect place to choose for a milestone year.
The store, which stands in the woods, has a modern Japanese-style appearance that makes you feel nostalgic. The stone pavement leading to the entrance is carved with tools used for leather work, and its playfulness is also charming. The interior of the store is a wide open space for customers to "visit with their family and make memories." From randoseru to leather goods for adults, products that the whole family can enjoy line the shelves. The attached workshop can be viewed through the glass window, and customers can enjoy the process until the ordered randoseru arrives.
A luxurious time for adults and children to enjoy high-quality leather. When you visit Karuizawa, visit Tsuchiya Kaban. It is definitely worth it.

The sewing machine used by the founder, Kunio Tsuchiya. You can feel the history of Tsuchiya Kaban in the used tools.

Tsuchiya Kaban’s randoseru is all hand made. There are over 150 parts!

The handmade randoseru has more than 300 processes while repeating careful inspection. It is known for its high-quality presence and durability. Working in a special place such as Karuizawa, the craftsmen concentrate on their work every day.

Step up your game with elegant and attractive leather. Urbano Urban Briefcase 121,000 yen

Carry all of your valuables in this. Light tone oil vegetable tanned leather. Mini shoulder bag 55,000 yen

A single leather flap that becomes softer each time you use it. Tone oil vegetable tanned leather. Shoulder bag
64,900 yen

The caramel colored interior and golden metal fittings give a retro feel. Antique model cowhide 82,000 yen

An antique sophistication that can be styled casually. Tone oil vegetable tanned leather. Soft Backpack
85,800 yen

From basic standard items to seasonal items, the store also has a wide variety of leather products for adults, including bags.

You can choose a randoseru while enjoying the changing seasons.

A store built in a quiet forest. You can spend a relaxing time in a space where you can feel nature.