Creative: Ponte

Creative: Ponte

Ponte:From the craftsman to the user Leather accessories delivering warmth

PonteFrom the craftsman to the user
Leather accessories delivering warmth

Ponte's leather accessories have a warmth to them.
That is probably because it contains a certain “hope".
In order to convey this hope, craftsmen continue to exchange words and ideas with customers face-to-face.

"Ponte" is located on the corner of a road in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture. When you enter the store, which means "bridge" in Italian, you will find a wide variety of small leather goods, from wallets to bags. Mr. Kenji Yokoyama and his wife Kayo, who run the shop, welcome the customers. Their reputation spread by word of mouth without advertising, and now customers from outside the prefecture come to buy their products.
"We make each item while thinking of the customer's face," says the couple. Each piece is made to order. Full order and semi-order based on samples are also possible, and customers can decide the type of leather, the color of thread and fastener, engraving, etc. Kenji says that there is a certain belief behind this emphasis on communication with customers.
"Leather is made by receiving the life of animals. We want to express gratitude and respect to the animals." That is why we create products that can be used for a long time. So facing each customer directly is important to us. To be a "bridge" that connects life to users.

The store is the couple’s workshop as well as a place to showcase samples.

Customers can also order bags and camera straps.

Colorful leather accessories. Scratches and wrinkles are intentionally left as living proof of the animals.

Can choose from 14 colors of thread.

Various leathers including vegetable tanned leather, oil leather, and soft leather.

Each item is made using the sewing machine stand and leather making machine in the store. On the wall are photos of customers who have visited the store.