Creative: AristoPrimo

Creative: AristoPrimo

AristoPrimo:Genuine made in Japan shoes

AristoPrimoGenuine made in Japan shoes

Have you ever heard of "Made in Japan shoes" and wondered how much of it is actually made in Japan?
AristoPrimo was very particular about that. The result is true domestic leather shoes.
Let's uncover the secret of these outstandingly comfortable shoes made by skilled craftsmen.

From the raw cowhide material, tanning, to the entire manufacturing process, everything is from Japan and done in Japan. That sounds great, but people may worry that it will be expensive. However, AristoPrimo's shoes are rather quite the opposite. The company has each production process done by local craftsmen, built a new system that sells shoes directly to customers, offering their products at a low distribution cost. Takahiro Hayakawa, the president of the company, says.
"Asakusa, where our company is located, is a city of shoes. That's why everything can be done in and around the area. Because it's close, you can keep an eye on everything, and the craftsmen are so wonderfully skilled. As long as you do the best you have to offer, your customers will be satisfied. "
Yamato Shoji, the parent company of the brand, is a sole material processing company. Mr. Hayakawa, the third generation, launched the brand with the desire to "introduce made-in-Japan shoes to the world." "Our shoes are all semi-ordered. Customers come to the showroom and have their feet measured. After choosing the base design, we will have a detailed discussion about the leather, stitching, bottom specifications, etc. The sewing, finishing the edges, the polishing, these may be small details, but we don’t cut corners in each process, so the finished product is exceptionally beautiful. The shoes are so comfortable. "
It is the culmination of Japanese technique. It is no surprise that they have many repeating customers.

AristoPrimo is an original brand by Yamato Shoji, of which Mr. Hayakawa is the president. In the showroom, you can see products of other brands handled by Yamato Shoji.

There are many types and colors such as calf, kip, steer, and suede. Mr. Hayakawa will thoroughly consult with customers.

You can also have your name engraved on the soles and insoles (9,000 yen).

AristoPrimo shoes are made by shoemaker Kimihiro Hashimoto. Mr. Hayakawa chatting with a craftsman.

It is also possible to semi-order based on the shoes of Mr. Hashimoto's brand "J.S.T.F".