Creative: Ichitogo Manufacture

Creative: Ichitogo Manufacture

Ichitogo Manufacture:Shaping the Japanese aesthetic

Ichitogo ManufactureShaping the Japanese aesthetic

There are things that can only be made by Japanese people.
At Ichitogo Manufacture, where they greatly respect the craftsmen,
they aggregate the greatest of the craftsmen’s techniques and apply it to their manufacturing.

The fukin gusset, nen, kikuyose--. The skills of these Japanese craftsmen may not be visible at first glance. However, the ingenuity in the details drastically improves functionality and appearance. The attention to these hidden details, which is very Japanese, creates value.
Ichitogo Manufacturing is known for fully showcasing the sensibilities and techniques of the Japanese craftsmen. The president, Mr. Takasaki says,
"I think that the Japanese temperament that pays attention to details creates a wonderful culture. One of them is manufacturing. I want the craftsmen to play an active role by revitalizing this historic handicraft industry.”

If you look at the lineup of the company's brand Alt81, Mr Takasaki’s words make perfect sense. For example, the technique called kurumidama (beading) used for small items gives an elegant impression and a high-quality feel by wrapping the edge in a circle. It is a technique that was born in the early modern period in order to prevent damage to the kimono. A line drawn parallel to the edge, called the nen, brings the look of the product together and makes it difficult for the edge to become frayed. Both are done by skilled craftsmen. "These are techniques that cannot be achieved by machines alone. You are able to see the figure of the creator through the products that have heart and personality. In an era of mechanization and systematization, I believe that manual work gives off a warm light.”
The Japanese spirit is embodied as a leather product when outstanding handicrafts are fused with carefully selected leather and a clean form. Finally, let me introduce the company's philosophy.
"Continue to deliver quality, dependable handicrafts "

The name Alt81 is derives from the word ‘alternative’, and 81 is the international code for Japan. It means "an item that represents Japanese culture".

A dignified form, which has been stripped of unnecessary elements as much as possible. Using original leather, the hand-painted bag has a unique unevenness and texture. Superb craftsmanship can be seen in every detail, from the handle to the base. 72,000 yen

A belt with a solid and beautiful brass cast buckle. The diagonally cut edge gives it its uniqueness . 13,000 yen

Business card holder finished using the beading technique. The soft roundness and the gentle texture of silky calf. It is a gem that harmonizes materials and technique. (Reference product)