Creative: Wako Bags

Creative: Wako Bags

Wako Bags:Going the distance to find creativity inspiring leather

Wako BagsGoing the distance to find creativity inspiring leather

Since its founding in 1954, Wako, which has consistently manufactured its products at its own factory, has solid technical capabilities and is a regular winner in industry competitions. At the heart of their craftsmanship, lies the tireless quest for leather.

Wako's original started after Toru Wada, the current chairman, succeeded his brother and became president in 1985. OEMs are the center of production, but they often use their own proposal as a starting point. Mr. Wada is particular about "walking" when creating an original. "You can't create anything just by being cooped up inside. If you go to Himeji and visit the tanneries there one by one, you'll come across interesting leather that isn't on the market yet. That’s what you have to find." An embossed crocodile leather that is sharpened by hand, or leather that is made by stopping just before the finishing dye and hand wiped. Seeing these unique leathers, you will be more motivated to create and come up with ideas. Mr. Wada says that he still cuts the mold himself and makes the prototype.
A cracking striped leather business bag that is hand-patterned by skilled craftsmen on high-quality nubuck leather, and a light and supple horse leather tote that doesn’t even weigh a kilogram. Advantic-finished leather, which gives you a sense of one-of-a-kind, takes a painted leather and applies another thin coat of a different color giving it a sense of changing shades. The chemical used for this leather was collaboratively developed with the tanner. The company's original brand "BUBONA" takes its name from the guardian deity of cows in Roman mythology, which suggests the awe and respect they feel for leather. Certainly, all of the company's leather products have a story to tell.
"You can't take it too seriously. You have to pique the customer’s curiosity. That's added value. In this era, leather that makes the most of its individuality and characteristics sell better. When we , the creators, come across interesting materials, it’s really exciting.

In order to pass down the 60 year history, they are also focusing on training young craftsmen. The ages range from people in their 20s to their 70s and over. The words "Let's make better bags" are engraved on everyone's nameplate.

Uses advantic leather that is often used for shoes and belts. The colors of brown and wine, which look like they are wrapped in a veil, show different expressions depending on the angle. Reference product

A folding clutch bag made of horse leather that weighs only 500 grams. The upper part opens all the way making it easy to put in and take out items. There are two open pockets for small items inside. Reference product