Creative: Regal

Creative: Regal

Regal Corporation:Quality that can only be seen in an authentic piece backed by pride from a prestigious, long standing company.

Regal CorporationQuality that can only be seen in an authentic piece backed by pride from a prestigious, long standing company.

Regal is now gaining attention again, boosted by the revival of the preppy, or as they say in Japan, ‘trad (short for traditional)’ trend.
However, Japan's most famous shoe maker is anything but arrogant.
All of their next moves are grounded and pragmatic.

I want to wear Regal shoes really bad.
The return of the trad trend is a large reason behind this urge. There are plenty of great overseas brands, but when I compare them, I end up choosing Regal. It may be close to that feeling of wanting to support Japanese athletes at the Olympics. However, there is more to it than wanting to advocate something from your own country.
In a nutshell, it may be because Regal has a history comparable to that of many historic overseas brands. For example, the loafers and wing tips introduced here are long-selling products that have been made since their birth of the company. Of course, certain parts have been updated, but the basic structure and design remain the same. A model as long-lived as this is rare, even around the world. The well-balanced pricing is also commendable. It's a virtue Regal maintained even during the men's shoes bubble.

History becomes tradition = trad. Regal, who has been a household name in Japan for more than half a century, has a quality that only authentic products have. The most popular model, which has a clean style that eliminates all excess components, had great potential from the beginning, so by continuing to protect the original design, a long-standing product was born. Other shoes that imitate only the shape don’t compare to Regal’s products. Its prestige has increased over time, and these Regal models are still aging like fine wine. Trad has a universal presence in the business scene and definitely repeats itself in the fashion scene. Regal shoes made with the robust Goodyear Welt process come into style every couple of seasons, and just like the awkwardness you feel when you reunite with a friend from school, the discomfort wearing the shoes quickly fades. There is a sales talk often used, “you won’t regret owning a pair”, but that rings true for these standard Regal styles.

Loafer 2177

22,000 Yen (Tax Included)

Loafers released in 1971. As the name suggests, it is characterized by a beef sash that looks like a meat roll.

Wingtip 2235

36,600 Yen (Tax Included)

A pair that represents Regal, announced in 1972. It was often used in advertising as the face of the brand.

Saddle Oxford 2051

27,500 Yen (Tax Included)

First announced in 1972, the same year as the wingtip. With the return of trad, it is attracting attention again as a trendy pair.

Plain Toe
Van Regal

Not for sale

The legendary Van Regal that was key to the Ivy style trend. Here is one of the four pairs released under that name.

REGAL 50th Anniversary Model

Not for sale

Anniversary model of the 50th anniversary of the Regal brand landing in Japan. Equipped with a cordovan, it was released for a limited time in the fall of 2011.

Cobra Vamp
REGAL 50th Anniversary Model

Nor for sale

This is also a pair to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch in Japan. The Cobra Vamp with Advan-finished leather is a symbol of the American trad style

Wing tassle 2459

Nor for sale

An archive of a model that reigned as the face of ladies shoes for 30 years. Production was suspended in 2008, but will be revived next spring.

Plain toe
Regal Tokyo

27,500 Yen〜

Bespoke shoes that are at the top of "Regal Tokyo", a business format that uses the best of technology. The crocodile pair in the photo starts at 561,750 yen.

A rare museum on feet and shoes

The Kanaya Hotel in Nikko maintains its history and traditions, and when you step into the building, you get the illusion that time has stopped. Similarly, the "Regal Archives" located in a corner of the modern Regal Corporation headquarters gives you that feeling of nostalgia.
Approximately 2,500 pairs of Regal shoes and shoes procured from around the world for research are lined up neatly on the well-used furniture. 5000 books on feet and shoes, also collected from home and abroad. In addition, there are many historical materials, photographs, tools, and machines. "Regal Archives" is a museum that is open mainly to employees and people in the industry.
The director of the museum, a person who not only knows the ins and outs of Regal, but the history of trad as well, invites those who visit with abundant knowledge and sophisticated presence to eternal romance.

Regal Corporation, whose predecessor is Japan Shoes (founded in 1902), is the fruit of seeds sown by Katsuzo Nishimura and Kihachiro Okura, the godfathers of the shoe industry. The director of the museum talks about a wide range of topics; From the birth of the company, how it started during the Japan-Russia war and then developed in the munitions industry. In 1961 it went into a technical partnership with the US company Brown (a company that owns the Regal brand), the turning point from dealing with government demand to private demand. The creation of Van Regal, which became a standard for men's fashion after the war, shoes that were put in a time capsule on behalf of the leather industry at the Osaka Expo, the decisiveness of CI from Japan Shoes, and many facts about the design of men's shoes ... The stories are endless. You can also directly touch and read the shoes and materials that support the romantic story. It is very interesting to be able to see the transition of Japan throughout history from the standpoint of the shoe industry.
This history is the decisive difference between the real deal and its competitors. This well maintained private museum is truly worthy of the company’s reputation, and there are probably very few like it in the world. It truly is culture. This is the reason why people want to wear Regal. For a modest adult, there is no better shoe.

The museum is full of premier Western shoes. It's an irresistible space for shoe lovers.

Sewing machines imported to manufacture boots worn by military personnel. In the foreground are a repair sample and shoes cut to explain the Goodyear Welt process.

There are 2,500 pairs of shoes exhibited from Japan and overseas, but it is said that there are three times as many shoes that have not been put out.

There are more than 5,000 domestic and foreign books on feet and shoes.

A photo that tells us that the company started in the munitions industry. At that time, military personnel entered the factory and scrutinized their shoes.