Creative: Oriental Shoes

Creative: Oriental Shoes

Oriental Shoes:Returning to their roots

Oriental ShoesReturning to their roots

Oriental Shoes, a company that has always led the Nara shoe industry, is currently promoting the return of handcrafted shoes.
Oriental Shoes, which was one of the first companies in the area to begin machine production, had expanded overseas at an early stage as well. Not only were they quick in sensing the tide of the times, Mr. Masatake, who took over the position of president from his older brother Tsutomu, set out to return to their roots, and over the years, he purchased Goodyear Welt sewing machines and strengthened human resources. The craftsmen who are like living dictionaries on shoe making are still working, and he was able to inherit their techniques.
Their big break came when he met Hiroshi Tsubouchi, one of the best shoe designers in the fashion industry, and started business with him. The motivation at the company increased, and it led to new business ventures.
"We’re just getting started," says Masatake with modesty, but he will be launching an original line next spring as a result of having been able to improve the accuracy of the production system in a short period of time. He’s also trying his hand out at 9/10 hand crafting, which relies on sewing machines only for the outsole stitching. The leader of this project is Tsutomu's eldest son, Hidetomo.

Masatake (right), who took over the position of president from his brother Tsutomu, and Hidenori (left), the eldest son of Tsutomu.

Their Original line, Shoe Tailor by Oriental Shoes. Aiming for an elegant appearance, they chose to adopt the McKay Good process. A narrowed waist, a fiddle back with a raised center, a semi-glass finish, pitched heels, details on the edges ... all of these designs cannot be achieved without handwork. The leather is also first-class.

Mr. Nakaoka, who has a decade-long career, is in charge of the bottoming sewing process.

There are many young staff at the manufacturing site and planning team.