Creative: Kyowa

Creative: Kyowa

Kyowa:Stationery with a bold presence

KyowaStationery with a bold presence

Kyowa, an all round bag maker, took over the business of Konoike Seisakusho last year.
While inheriting the KONOIKE brand, they are also considering the development of new leather items.

During the period of high economic growth in the 60s, shopping at department stores was a status symbol. As people's lives became richer, so did the demand for leather goods. At that time, most stationery items in the stationery section were made in Europe. Meanwhile, carefully made high-class stationery using quality leather which could be purchased at less than half the price of overseas products was being released.
Konoike Seisakusho was in charge of the planning and development. At that time, they had an in-house lab, young people who had just graduated from art school came up with the design, and highly skilled craftsmen gave shape to the ideas. Products made of robust vegetable tanned leather were of a quality comparable to that of overseas products. The number of fans has gradually increased, and mass production became necessary. The popularity of the KONOIKE brand is still strong. They will continue to make long lasting leather products together with Kyowa, who inherited the business.

Business bags, suitcases, and school bags are Kyowa’s main products, but they are gradually starting to focus on leather items other than stationery.