Creative: Sukumo leather

Creative: Sukumo leather

Sukumo leather:Innovative sneakers made from the finest leather

Sukumo leatherInnovative sneakers made from the finest leather

"Sukumo leather sneakers" use Sukumo leather, which is natural indigo dyed leather.
Unlike sneakers that are worn out, you can wear them for many years while changing the outsole and enjoying the indigo color that changes over time.
Prestigious Japanese manufacturing at its finest.

"We want to convey the greatness of Japanese manufacturing to the world," says Koichi Akari of Fareg and Makoto Horii of Sukumo Leather. And the result of that idea was the "Sukumo leather sneakers" from Fareg's original brand "Bluestone". The price is 120,000 yen (excluding tax). Many people would feel that 120,000 yen for sneakers is rather expensive. However, there are plenty of elements that can be convinced even at that price.
One of the creators, a designer Mr. Akari said, "When I was thinking about new shoes that I had never seen before, I came across Sukumo leather. It's natural indigo-dyed leather, but it's very soft. I thought that if I made sneakers with this leather, I would definitely be able to make something interesting. At the same time, I wanted the entire shoe making process to be Made in Japan. This was the birth of our highest-class model ‘Sukumo leather sneakers’”.
What exactly is this rare Sukumo leather? “Now, there are several so-called indigo-dyed leathers, but Sukumo leather is really one of a kind. We use Awa ai or indigo from Tokushima prefecture, which is produced by an indigo master, one of only about five remaining in Japan. Furthermore, the leather is dyed by hand by a traditional dyer in historic Kyoto. It sounds easy to put it in words, but we had to overcome various problems such as what to do with the raw leather and how to finish it. It took seven years to complete the current Sukumo leather. " Mr. Horii says.
Japan's pride is concentrated in "Sukumo leather sneakers," which are made by refining genuine indigo-dyed leather into sneakers.

Designer Koichi Akari (left) of Kyowa International, who launched Bluestone, and Makoto Horii (right), who created Sukumo leather along with indigo masters and dyers.

The top of the line model of Bluestone is carefully made with the highest technique of Japanese shoemakers using Sukumo leather for the upper, which is a rare natural indigo dyed leather. For the upper, 3 colors were selected from the 8 color gradation lineup that Sukumo leather offers. This is ‘tomekon’ navy which means that it cannot be dyed darker than this. In the back is ‘batik print’ leather.

In addition to monochromatic leather, Sukumo leather also offers design leather that uses traditional dyeing techniques such as ‘tie-dyeing’ and ‘batik print’.

The characteristic of Sukumo leather is that by wearing it, the color becomes deeper and the glow increases.

When you purchase "Sukumo Leather Sneakers", a piece of the same leather used for the upper is included. If you polish the part that has lost color with this, it will be revived.

It is also noteworthy that the outsole can be replaced. Available in white and black

In addition to the Bluestone sneakers introduced here, Sukumo Leather is developing products in collaboration with many brands. One of them is this chair that uses Sukumo leather on the seat and back.

Sukumo leather uses the natural dye Sukumo, which is produced from a traditional manufacturing method that has a 600 year tradition, to express delicate and subtle colors. Offering a colorful gradation of 8 colors including the 6 colors hanging on the wall. (From the left, tomekon, kon-ai, ai, noshime-iro, hanada, hana-asagi, asagi)