Creative: Matsuoka Glove

Creative: Matsuoka Glove

Matsuoka gloves:Gloves that are born in the region and take off into the world. New challenges are yet to come

Matsuoka glovesGloves that are born in the region and take off into the world. New challenges are yet to come

Rural is by no means the opposite of central.
The Higashikagawa made gloves are about to expand overseas from Shikoku.
High-quality manufacturing is a common language throughout the world.

"Baseball players like Ichiro and Yuki Saito, they all use Higashikagawa gloves."
Higashikagawa City produces about 90% of gloves made in Japan. The technology boasts one of the highest levels in the world. Mr. Matsuoka continues,
"Italy and Germany have a history of about 300 years, but many of the workshops stubbornly adhere to the old-fashioned manufacturing method. That is very important, but it’s also important to consider, ‘What makes the gloves better?’. We have to think about the person who uses it, and us creators must also evolve. We will continue to strive to improve quality by persisting with our research and refining our technology. That attitude, I think, is what makes Made in Japan products great."

Mr. Matsuoka's eyes sparkle in the corner of Shikoku, his sights going beyond the sea.
"With repeated technical guidance in Asia, our ‘ErgoGrip’ is patent pending in 6 countries. Now with IT advances, we not only follow the work of our predecessors, but now we can pass on the skills of Japanese craftsmen to the world. There are numerous scenes in the world that need good gloves, such as gloves for nursing care and gloves for astronauts. I would like to continue to make gloves that are useful to the world.”
Mr. Matsuoka’s eyes, looking out into the calm Seto Inland Sea, are full of dreams and hopes.