Creative: Moriyoshi

Creative: Moriyoshi

Moriyoshi:Taking the time and effort to bring out the individuality of each piece of leather with light, natural ‘makeup’

MoriyoshiTaking the time and effort to bring out the individuality of each piece of leather with light, natural ‘makeup’

Tatsuno is one of the areas in Japan that is well known for its leather. Many tanneries gather in the area, each tanner specializing in a particular leather. There are actually not many workshops that tan leather for furniture. You need to have large scale equipment, but aside from that, the number of craftsmen who can meet the quality demanded by furniture stores is decreasing. Meanwhile, Moriyoshi is a company that still continues the analog "hand-painting". Applying the coating thinly, yet firmly. A technique that cannot be done with a machine. By finishing with ‘natural makeup’, it is durable and soft while taking advantage of the natural look of leather. Recently, such natural leather sofas have become popular. The company, which explores the possibilities of new leather through research and development of the latest technology, decided that old-fashioned techniques are the best way to meet the demand. That is how they came up with their leather for upholstery. It has the strength required for a chair while maintaining the beauty of the grain surface. It is leather that was created specifically for upholstery. Currently, the leather required for furniture is becoming more diverse. In response, tanners are using various techniques to create a new look of leather.

A corner of the Moriyoshi factory. Beautifully colored leathers line the floor.

Various techniques and machines that meet a variety of orders, from tanning to painting. While inheriting traditional techniques, they are also keen on developing new technology. ‘Visiting the old, learning the new’ as they say. Leather is constantly evolving.

To check the color, Moriyoshi has a room with a light source that is the same as the leather wholesale company and the furniture maker. By checking under the same conditions, it is possible to respond to subtle color requests.