Care: Maintenance Information for Leather Products



Dairy Care 4

Daily Care 4Daily care:
Antibacterial care is the new normal for leather fans
Antibacterial Measures

Dairy Care 3

Daily Care 3Daily care:
Bring back the whiteness of white leather sneakers
White leather knitting

Dairy Care 2

Daily Care 2Daily care:
If your boots get moldy
Mildew-control book

Dairy Care 1

Daily Care 1Daily care:
Refresh suede casual shoes
Raised leather knitting

Basic Care

Basic CareThe iron rule is that you don’t let dirt accumulate!
Basic Care

Shoe Polishing

Shoe PolishingMake a difference with the brilliance of your shoes!
Shoe Polishing


StorageTake care of your leather items, even when you're not using them!


TechniqueLeather item maintenance technique
10 techniques you can use right now

How to keep

How to keepA HOW TO guide for long-lasting leather


Professional advice on how to polish leatherDo you polish your shoes properly?

Troubleshooting 1

Troubleshooting 1My brushed leather item has dirt on them!

Troubleshooting 2

Troubleshooting 2Looks tired and out of shape

Troubleshooting 3

Troubleshooting 3My bag looks worn and the color is fading!

Troubleshooting 4

Troubleshooting 4Help! There’s mold on my shoes!

Troubleshooting 5

Troubleshooting 5I want to soften hard leather!

Troubleshooting 6

Troubleshooting 6I got my leather wet and now there’s a water stain!

Troubleshooting 7

Troubleshooting 7I got a scratch on my favorite leather piece!

Troubleshooting 8

Troubleshooting 8I didn’t know how to care for my leather and now it’s all black!