Knowledge: What you need to know about leather




TOMITA KogyoA variety of advanced initiatives quickly offer a lifestyle with leather and sustainable leather


Ten leathers ten colorsTypes and characteristics of leather


HistoryHistory of over 1000 years
Japanese leather culture

World Leather

World LeatherA trip around the world's leather producing regions

Leather parts

The right leather for the right partLeather is a "creature"! They have "personality" depending on the parts! It’s important to use the right leather for the right part.

Leather Sample

Leather sample bookCowhide is not the only leather
Leather sample book


AgingLet's nurture precious leather with love

Mens' Shoes

Mens’ ShoesThe characteristics of the leather become clearly visible in men's shoes


FittingChoose shoes that fit your feet

Women's shoes

Women’s shoesIt’s not just about design; How to choose women's shoes

Leather variation

Leather variationRelationship between women's shoes and leather

Mens' Bag

Men’s bagsHow to choose a leather bag.

Ladies' bags

Ladies’ bagsHow to choose a leather handbag.


AccessoriesSmall items that increase in texture each time you use them.

Mens' Belt

Men’s beltThings you didn’t know about leather belts

Women’s belts

Women’s beltsThere are many variations, so learn about the materials.


WearLeather wear that lets you enjoy leather to the fullest.


GlovesHow to find the perfect pair of gloves

Leather finish

Leather finishThe look of leather changes with the finish

Eco leather

Eco leatherLeather in the era of environmental conservation

The Craftsman's Signature

The Craftsman’s SignatureThat leather has skills!
Proof of handicraft


SerendipityFinding a destined pair
The book on the anatomy of "shoes"

Lady's & Custom

Women’s shoes and custom made shoes5 things you should keep in mind with women's shoes


TanningThe process of changing from hides to leather


Leather ThicknessConnoisseur checkpoint ①
Leather Thickness


Leather ShadeConnoisseur checkpoint ②
Leather Shade


GelatinThe wisdom of our ancestors to utilize God’s gifts without waste

Shark leather

Shark leatherDomestic natural leather with great potential