Knowledge: Wear

Knowledge: Wear

Wear:Leather wear that lets you enjoy leather to the fullest.

WearLeather wear that lets you enjoy leather to the fullest.

With a wide variety of colors, durability, suppleness, and breathability, here are some points to check when selecting leather wear.

Of all the leather products, the most difficult for beginners is how to choose leather wear. Along with the first impression, you must see how it matches your style as well as how comfortable it is. The appeal of leather wear is that it blends into your body. Since it does not allow air to pass through, you want to have a "genuine" piece as a must-have item for winter.
Here, we will introduce how to choose the item that you can cherish for many years without being affected by trends.

Choose by size

First of all, choose just the right size. A while ago, it was popular to wear a larger size, but a slender silhouette never goes out of style. In addition, the leather gently wraps around the body.

Choose by material

For Riders jackets and the like, you should choose hard materials to protect the body. Some people wear the jacket to sleep to make the jacket fit their body. Other than that, choose thin and soft leather such as lamb that is comfortable to wear.

Choose by shade

Color variations are now one of the attractions of leather wear. Vivid colors, pastel tones, and neutral colors with rich texture are also available. In addition, style basic colors such as black and brown with gray pants and white shirts.

Check for slack

Once you have decided on your favorite piece, choose one that does not have any problems. In the case of leather wear, if there is slack in a large area, it will cause unnatural wrinkles, so make sure to check carefully.