Knowledge: Women’s belts

Knowledge: Women’s belts

Women’s belts:There are many variations, so learn about the materials.

Women’s beltsThere are many variations, so learn about the materials.

Women's belts have a fast fashion cycle and a wide variety of designs.
That is why you should learn how to distinguish the quality of the material.

The trend cycle of women's belts is very fast, so "trends" are more important than "long-lasting and cherishing". However, because of this, you want to be able to identify the "genuine" from the various selections.
Belt choosing should be more fun if you know the difference in how the leather material used for the belt is finished. Here we introduce a typical example of finishing that is often used for belts.


The back side of chrome-tanned adult cowhide is rubbed with paper. Rougher than suede, similar to woven velor.

Oil leather

A product that has been soaked with emulsifying oil during the tanning process. Due to its high oil content, it is highly water repellent and has a soft texture.


Leather is shrunk using chemicals during the tanning process. The texture of the surface (wrinkle pattern seen on the leather surface) is attractive.


A velvet-like finish made by rubbing the grain surface of chrome-tanned adult cowhide with paper.


The surface of the leather is processed with a heated high-pressure press and is also called embossed leather. In recent years, there are many patterns of high-class leather such as crocodyl.