Knowledge: Serendipity

Knowledge: Serendipity

Serendipity:Finding a destined pair The book on the anatomy of "shoes"

SerendipityFinding a destined pair
The book on the anatomy of "shoes"

Good shoes can be worn for a lifetime if you don't neglect their care.
For that purpose, it is important to know not only your shoes but also your feet.
Here we introduce shoe selecting 101

As you wear the leather, it becomes more familiar with your foot and wraps around the instep. Many Goodyear Welt shoes are filled with cork, and under the weight of walking, the cork sinks and makes an impression of the unevenness of your soles.
Good shoes have a design concept that presupposes long term use. In order not to make this a useless treasure, you first need to know how to find the right shoes for your feet. In addition, there are several manufacturing methods for shoes, and the comfort and lifespan vary depending on the manufacturing method. So, it is also important to know the manufacturing method. And, there is no loss in knowing the difference in design.
Of course, in order to make your pair a lifelong product, it is a prerequisite that you do not miss the time for daily maintenance and replacement of consumables such as the top lift (rubber piece attached to the tip of the heel).

Check by angle

By checking the following points, you can naturally narrow down your options. Let's look at the points while turning the shoes around.

Is there a space of about 1 cm around the toes?

It is desirable that the toes have a space called a throw-away size. The foot absorbs impact using the spring=arch of the ligament that connects the base of the little finger, the base of the thumb, and the heel. In other words, a person's feet are stretching when walking. It is the throw-away size that secures this movement area. Remember that the guideline is around 1 cm. It is also important to check whether the ball joint, which bends when you step on it, fits properly.

How the eyelet tabs open

Not only do the feet stretch and contract when walking, but swelling occurs in the evening. The adjustment function of the laces is indispensable for wrapping the constantly changing foot. When fitting, what you need to check is the lace stay, the so-called eyelte tabs, which is the part through which the laces pass. If it's too wide or too closed, the shoe isn't for you.

Does the heel stick?

One of the most important things to check in fitting is the counter. The theory is to match the heels and check the fit of the arch and ball joint, and whether or not there is a throw-away size. So what are the conditions for a good counter? It must match the shape of the heel. Seen from the side, it is important that the counter is rounded. Please note that Western shoes can be large Japanese people in this regard.


Here are the main designs for men's shoes. The more to the right, the more casual. In the business scene, the left 3 are common.

Straight Tip



Semi Brogue



Full Brogue



Monk Strap



Long Wing Tip



U Tip