Knowledge: Lady's & Custom

Knowledge: Lady's & Custom

Women’s shoes and custom made shoes:5 things you should keep in mind with women's shoes

Women’s shoes and custom made shoes5 things you should keep in mind with women's shoes

Wearing heels is one of the things that make women feel that they’ve become grown up.
Heels are an indispensable and important element of elegance.
That's why you want to know how to make a solid choice that doesn't put a strain on your feet.

Carrie Bradshaw says in ‘Sex and the City’, "I’m very very comfortable in heels. The higher the better." Heels captivate women all over the world. Mental satisfaction is irreplaceable, but you want to be a little careful when choosing shoes for everyday wear. Foot problems such as hallux valgus are partly due to the fact that you are not wearing shoes that fit your feet, but the same is true for heels that are too high, which makes you lean forward. Correct walking also has the role of circulating blood, and a heel that does not drop the heel properly also hinders that movement and causes coldness. You definitely want to wear different shoes for everyday use and special occasions.

1. Heels

Is the heel stable

Obviously, heels that are slanted or wobbly when placed on the ground are no good. The
angle of the bottom of the heel needs to be horizontal. Needless to say, this is a must.

2. Height

For everyday use, 5 cm is a good height

A moderately high heel also has the effect of smoothing the kick when walking. The standard is 3 cm. The heel size, which is considered to be acceptable for normal use, is 5 cm. For higher heels, wear for special occasions.

3. Counter

Is there a core material that covers the arch?

As you feel by touching it, there is a core material called a counter that holds the heel. Pumps that are good for your feet have a structure that completely covers from the outer ankle to the arch.

4. Silhouette

Does the heel have a shape that wraps around?

The higher the heel, the more you need a structure that acts as a stopper. That is the counter on the right, and the other is the shape of the insole on which the heel is placed. The ideal structure is to wrap it like a bowl.

5. Toes

The rounded and spacious silhouette is best

As explained in the section on men's shoes, it is necessary to have a margin called a throw-away size based on the area of movement of the feet that expands and contracts. Also, you want to choose a rounded silhouette that does not squish the toes as much as possible.

Made-to-order shoes:
Choosing bespoke to keep your feet healthy

You want to choose shoes that support your entire weight and support the heavy labor of walking as much as possible. However, so many people, so many feet . In the industry, the standard size of 23 cm is called the Cinderella size, and it is rare for ready-made shoes to fit you perfectly in the first place. DINUS Shoes is the company that laid the foundation for shoe fitters. If you are thinking about ordering, include them as a candidate.

1. Measurement

There are 30 measuring points

First of all, measurement. It is said that there are as many as 30 measuring points. They say “Please allow an hour to complete the measurement”, which is probably not an exaggeration. This is a free service, so if you are interested, please try it.

2. Last

The storage of the wooden last is semi-permanent

Create a wooden last from scratch based on the measurements. The highlight is that the wooden last will be kept for a long time. At the company, once you make it, you can always get the shoes that fit your feet.

3. Production

Infinite design and materials

The prestigious long-established factory has abundant designs and materials. If the leather is not in stock, you can order it, and you can order the shoes worn by the actress you admire.

4. Matching and completing shoes

Try on numerous times

As the name of tentative sewing suggests, custom shoes are made by checking the foot placement with temporary shoes and making the actual shoes, but with DINUS shoes, the tentative sewing is perfectly done and the shoes can be tried in everyday life without any time limit.