Knowledge: Shade

Knowledge: Shade

Leather Shade:Connoisseur checkpoint ② Leather Shade

Leather ShadeConnoisseur checkpoint ②
Leather Shade

One of the charms of leather is its rich colors.
It can be bright or dark, and there are various colors and dyeing methods.
Find your favorite color.

Amano Hokoku, which was established in 1909, prides itself in its history, but at the same time is pursuing "leather with originality not found anywhere else". The keyword they are going for now is the "antique look".
Horse leather was chosen by the company as a material suitable for giving that antique feel. Many people think of horse leather as cordovan, but instead they use the front part from the neck to the forefoot. Mr. Shibuki of the company says about its appeal, "Because the front is a part that moves a lot, there are many wrinkles. Therefore, when dyeing, natural unevenness occurs." When you look at the finish, the shades of color create a unique look. "We believe that the original texture of leather is important. An evenly colored leather is nice, but we’d like you to take a look at the unique tone and expression of our leather."

Behold, this antique look. Enjoy the texture that comes from the natural material. Below is a rare camouflage steer. The company offers leathers in a variety of shades.

Leather and products dyed in persimmon astringency. While elegant, the products have an antique feel to them.

Mr. Shibuki is a veteran of 30 years, but he is still constantly searching for interesting leather.