Knowledge: Aging

Knowledge: Aging

Aging:Let's nurture precious leather with love

AgingLet's nurture precious leather with love

Leather is a material that changes as you use it.
From the moment you start using it, it shows various expressions depending on how you use it and how you care for it.
Such change in leather is called "aging", and it can be said that this is the greatest attraction of leather.

Leather is a material that allows you to express yourself

Aging is not just the result of leather products waning over time. It is the result of the owner constantly using and nurturing it. This "nurturing" doesn’t mean to be overprotective, but the result of the owner's love and commitment to the leather products.
In my case, the bag I use for commuting is an important product I received from someone I admire a few years ago, and I had been taking good care of it. Then one day, on a crowded train, the metal fittings on the bag of the next person were caught and my bag was scratched. Since then, I've been holding the bag so the surface faces me on crowded trains.
Also, I bought short boots a couple of years ago, but at that time I wasn't used to caring for my shoes. I happened to polish my gray boots with the black shoe cream I had at home. I knew I had made a mistake the moment I applied the cream to the toes, but I couldn't wash it off, but when I polished the whole thing, it happened to turn out a beautiful deep color. Ultimately, I was satisfied.
Leather is a natural material. Therefore, the more you use it, the more the clothing and shoes will become familiar with your body shape and foot shape, and the more you use it, the more your bags and accessories will change according to how you use it. While the market is filled with identically looking mass-produced items, leather is a material that allows you to express your own uniqueness. When sweat and dirt soak into a leather product, it feels like the product is telling the owner’s history.

Japan Leather Industry Association
Mr. Wako

Mr. Wako bought this jacket, which had a damage effect, 10 years ago. As he wore it, the parts that touched his body and the joint parts expanded, changing the color and at the same time softening the leather.

Short boots that he has been wearing for almost 5 years. The original color was gray, but it became such a color while being treated with black shoe cream.