Japan Leather Guide

Yoshida Kaban

Yoshida KabanThe tradition of craftsmanship that is the pride of Japan


Regal CorporationQuality that can only be seen in an authentic piece backed by pride from a prestigious, long standing company.

Tochigi Leather

Tochigi LeatherTannin based tanning of natural leather filled with tanner's pride

Andersen Bag

Andersen BagIn search of reliable universality that is not influenced by the times and trends


KishuVisit the leather country of Kishu

ProductsSpecial leather products


RENA "wrapping bag" where you cuddle casually without being conscious of holding it.


EpoiThe beautiful color palette that colors high quality leather items is attractive.

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CreativePeople and companies involved in leather manufacturing

Nino Classical Tailored

Ninomiya Goro ShotenManufacturing requires an idea that includes technology


KyowaStationery with a bold presence

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KnowledgeWhat you need to know about leather

Women's shoes

Women’s shoesIt’s not just about design; How to choose women's shoes

Leather parts

The right leather for the right partLeather is a "creature"! They have "personality" depending on the parts! It’s important to use the right leather for the right part.

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CareMaintenance Information for Leather Products

Dairy Care 3

Daily Care 3Daily care:
Bring back the whiteness of white leather sneakers
White leather knitting

Troubleshooting 3

Troubleshooting 3My bag looks worn and the color is fading!

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