Japan Leather Guide

Yoshida Kaban

Yoshida KabanThe tradition of craftsmanship that is the pride of Japan


Regal CorporationQuality that can only be seen in an authentic piece backed by pride from a prestigious, long standing company.

Tochigi Leather

Tochigi LeatherTannin based tanning of natural leather filled with tanner's pride

Andersen Bag

Andersen BagIn search of reliable universality that is not influenced by the times and trends


KishuVisit the leather country of Kishu

CreativePeople and companies involved in leather manufacturing


MoriyoshiTaking the time and effort to bring out the individuality of each piece of leather with light, natural ‘makeup’


KishuVisit the leather country of Kishu

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KnowledgeWhat you need to know about leather


AgingLet's nurture precious leather with love


WearLeather wear that lets you enjoy leather to the fullest.

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CareMaintenance Information for Leather Products

Troubleshooting 6

Troubleshooting 6I got my leather wet and now there’s a water stain!

Troubleshooting 2

Troubleshooting 2Looks tired and out of shape

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