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Products: Epoi

Products: Epoi

Epoi:The beautiful color palette that colors high quality leather items is attractive.

EpoiThe beautiful color palette that colors high quality leather items is attractive.

A color palette that will excite your heart and soul will stand out against a sophisticated and minimalistic design ––––––.
Epoi is supported by a wide range of generations, including working women. In the first place, AJIOKA specializes in leather bags with a 105 year history. It was created in 2004 by positioning itself as a ladies' brand derived from the men's private label GANZO. GANZO is said to be the best made in Japan and is characterized by craftsmanship and dedication to leather. Of course, Epoi is also carrying on that spirit, while rebranding to make the brand more female-friendly. Instead of the logo embellished on the exterior when it made its debut, it has been reborn as a minimalist design featuring a variety of colors and fine leather.

If you want to get the most out of Epoi, look no further than the Shiki series. This is a series that is gaining popularity as a standard and the most attractive feature is the wide variety of colors. As for wallets and other small items, the line up is about 20 colors with updated colors every season. The naming of each color is also dramatic, using colors derived from Japanese tradition. For example, khaki is named "miruiro" because of its seaweeds, light pink is named "toki" because the underside of the wings and the wind face of an egret is pink, and purple is named "aomurasaki" because of its ancient traditional color, which was also described in the historical tale "Eiga monogatari" (A Tale of Flowering Fortunes) in the Heian period. Such a Japanese brand name is also fascinating.

In addition, there is a limited lineup of colors for each season, with colors chosen to reflect the season. Whether it's your favorite color, your lucky color, or trying a color you've never worn before. You can enjoy choosing colors from different perspectives.

Epoi is a beautifully coloured piece of leather, but of course the details are uncompromising. A raised suede lining that won't scratch accessories or anything else in your inner pocket, and an original zipper pull with a small logo engraved on it .......

In addition, the cova part, which is one of the barometers that determines the quality of leather items, is particularly glowing. Also known as "cut" in the bag industry, it is finished with a traditional technique called "koba nuri" (cobbled lacquer), which utilizes skillful craftsmanship. What's more, they often come in the same color as leather so that the collar doesn't stand out, but the black color is used to accentuate the look. This is due to their confidence in the finish, and it can be said that the craftsmanship of Epoi's craftsmanship is alive and well.

In recent years, as a leather goods brand, it has been active in communicating the appeal of leather. One of them is a flower base with leather sleeves that was introduced in 2021. It was created in collaboration with Yasutaka Ochi, a florist who owns a flower shop, a diligence parlor and other shops in Omotesando Hills. The front and back have a bi-color design, so you can freely change the color to suit the taste and mood of the room. And most of all, it's a new approach to incorporating leather as part of your life in a way that feels different from fashion.
In addition, the main store in Omotesando and the Umeda store, which opened in 2021, offer after-sales consultation and staff leather care. If the after-sales service is perfect, you can use it for a long time and pass it on from person to person. With Epoi, a trend-agnostic leather outfit, you can paint a picture of that future.

A neat form that brings out the beautiful color that tickles a woman's body.

"Shiki" is a high standard series unique to Epoi, featuring a wide range of color variations inspired by traditional Japanese colors. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned camera case, this box-shoulder bag features a vintage-like square shape. Despite its simple, sleek look, it holds all the stuff you need with enough storage to hold a long wallet.
It features a convenient two-layer design, as well as an abundance of interior pockets for an outstanding comfort. The embossed domestic leather made with a particular recipe is hard to spot, and the light blue color named "usuhana" is beautiful. It is sure to be useful as an accent in any season. The 9-step adjustable shoulder strap is removable.

Epoi Shiki 2-Way Box Shoulder Bag

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