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Products: BrEAknoT

Products: BrEAknoT

BrEAknoT:A brand of leather accessories originating from craftsmen with a clear sense of craftsmanship

BrEAknoTA brand of leather accessories originating from craftsmen with a clear sense of craftsmanship

There are many different leather brands in Japan, supported by artisans with world-class skills.
A lot of it is more of a backroom thing, but BrEAknoT isn't. It's an artisan-inspired brand designed from the ground up by artisans. What's more, it was launched with a suggestion from a craftsman at Ruboa, an original equipment manufacturer that makes leather accessories. It's common for artisans to set up their own brands, but cases like the BrEAknoT are rare. It was born in 2016 out of the craftsmen's playful desire to make leather products they had never made before and their insatiable curiosity. It takes dozens of samples to complete a product, and each time they come up with an idea and brush it up. Then they take time to convince themselves and send out carefully crafted leather accessories.

Founded in 1961 in Higashigawa, Kagawa Prefecture, Ruboa was originally a glove manufacturer. In the first place, Higashigawa is a leather glove production area with a national market share of more than 90%. Ruboa made the switch to leather trinkets when it sold coin cases in 1964, the year Okinawa was returned to Japan, but of course the technology is still there. Many people may not know this, but in the leather industry, glove makers are said to be particularly skilled. That's because the sewing machines used are difficult to handle, and the inner seam allowance is made very thin for a comfortable fit.
BrEAknoT uses a special sewing machine that can also make gloves. Unlike a typical sewing machine, the parts that hold the fabric so that it does not move are thin, and moreover, only the feeling is pressed so that it can be sewn just in the margin of the seam allowance. It takes a lot of technical skill to make it beautiful, but the lack of seam allowance means you can make compact leather trinkets.

Another feature of the BrEAknoT is the use of an arm sewing machine in the final process of sewing with gussets attached. This is a special U-shaped sewing machine used mainly for sewing three-dimensional products such as bags. It is said that only a skilled craftsman can handle it because he presses the sewing machine with his senses while pressing it down with his own hand to straighten it. Incidentally, of the 30 craftsmen enrolled, only 3 have perfect command of arm and glove sewing machines. It means they are made with sewing machines that require such high technical skills.

In addition, the high-strength polyester yarn used in all products is heated with a lighter or other tool to form a ball that frays and fastens. It may seem easy at first glance, but doing it piece by piece takes a lot of work. Even the time-consuming process is painstakingly done, and the BrEAknoT product is complete. It can be said to be a product of the craftsman's skill and pride.

Unlike other brands, the lack of designers could be a drawback. But BrEAknoT's craftsmen have a track record of making thousands of leather trinkets. Moreover, there is an ambition to make things that we have never tried before. When you actually pick up a product, you'll be amazed at how functional and practical it is despite its neat look. For example, the idea of a left-handed wallet is something only a craftsman could think of.
Another highlight is the craftsmen's playfulness, such as incorporating a coin purse design not seen elsewhere into the long wallet. BrEAknoT brings together the experience and skills of craftsmen to create a collection of leather accessories. We can't wait to see what ideas will be included in the upcoming models.

A mini wallet that's compact yet has outstanding storage capacity

There's a model in BrEAknoT that's so popular that the wait can be up to eight months. That's the Minute, the brand's iconic mini wallet introduced in 2019. It has a vertical profile, a rarity in double-fold wallets, and despite its compact size, it offers excellent storage and comfort. By the way, about 20 bills, 5 ~ 6 cards, and 30 coins can fit inside.

The leather used is a cowhide made of Tochigi leather, which is renowned as the best in Japan. The more you use it, the more it fits into your hand, and the more beautiful the sheen it creates, the more you can fully enjoy the unique aging of leather. It's small enough to fit in a shirt chest pocket, so it's a good choice for those who prefer to go cashless or go on holidays empty-handed.

BrEAknoT Minitto

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