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Products: HARUTA

Products: HARUTA

HARUTA:Disseminate high-quality, reasonable leather shoes that satisfy even adults

HARUTADisseminate high-quality, reasonable leather shoes that satisfy even adults

HARUTA provides leather shoes at reasonable prices while maintaining the high quality of Made in Japan.
Since it has the largest share of school-designated shoes in the country, many people will say that their first leather shoes were HARUTA. Its history began in 1917, when few people wore leather shoes. Its predecessor, Haruta Shoe Shop, opened in Minami-Senju, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, and mainly sold children's shoes and other atsurae shoes. In 1955, the company's founder, Yosaki Haruta, was selected as a member of the Japan Shoemaking Productivity Study Group and spent 6 weeks visiting American shoemaking factories. He learned about the mass production of leather shoes using advanced machines, which became the foundation of today's shoemaking. Coin loafers, which have become synonymous with the brand, also met on this tour of the United States.

When it comes to HARUTA's leather shoes, one of the company's most distinctive features is the cement process it has used since its early days. This is a method of crimping the instep and sole, called the upper. Compared to the Goodyear welt process and Mackay process, in which artisans sew each pair by hand, shoes can be made more efficiently while keeping costs down. This has made it possible to produce large quantities at its own plants in Yamagata and Miyagi, achieving a reasonable price for high-quality Japanese products. The indelible appeal of the cement process is that even if it breaks, the sole can be easily replaced.
Haruta's leather shoes also have a reputation for ease of wearing because the wood patterns have been updated little by little to keep up with the times. That's because he goes to school every year to take measurements of students' feet and is sensitive to changes in Japanese feet. Based on that vast amount of data, they're constantly making minor changes to the wood shape to keep up with the times. This is the secret to comfort and the strength of the brand.

In addition to loafers, there are other long-loved masterpieces at HARUTA. That's the Spock Shoes, released in 1955. In fact, it has a longer history than coin loafers, inspired by British doctor shoes. Also known as hoi shoes, they were initially developed for specific professions such as doctors, chief priests and preachers, and were reportedly models not available to the general public.
It first came to light about 10 years ago. It was inspired by collaborations with famous boutiques and apparel brands. They're comfortable to put on and take off, but not as rough as sandals, and yet not as stiff as leather shoes. Moreover, fashionably unisex designs have been embraced by a wide range of generations, regardless of gender.
With the recent introduction of high-heeled heel-up and heel-less mule models, the range of models has increased to become the brand's iconic model alongside loafers.

The image of HARUTA = student shoes will never be shaken. Just visiting a company-owned store upsets that image in a good way. It has a thick, voluminous sole, and an authentic design with features like lightweight .......
In addition to the ubiquitous models such as loafers and spock shoes that are loved across generations, there are also plenty of trendy models to match your current mood. People who actually wore HARUTA during their school days are seeing more opportunities to reaffirm their attractiveness and pick it up again. Keep an eye on the long-established HARUTA, which has been in business for 105 years and is still evolving with a firm grasp of the trends of the times.

Elegant shoes that can be worn casually and can be used for multiple purposes

Spock shoes, a long seller alongside loafers and synonymous with HARUTA. It is a slip on type that can be worn casually, and its simple design makes it extremely versatile. This pair is sure to come in handy in your wardrobe as it matches every style from casual to pretty to fashionable.
Its most distinctive feature, the V-cut at the opening, makes your feet look slimmer, and it has the added benefit of making styling with socks stand out. It feels softer than glass leather, and even though it's all leather, it's light and comfortable, so once you put your foot in it, you'll be hooked.

HARUTA Spock Shoes #150

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