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Products: itten-itten

Products: itten-itten

itten-itten:A treasure trove of colorful, pop coloring that tickles women's gokoro

itten-ittenA treasure trove of colorful, pop coloring that tickles women's gokoro

itten-itten is a new brand established in November 2020 and made its full debut in January 2021.
They were made by craftsmen in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, a sacred place for bags, and their brand name implies "careful craftsmanship with sincerity in each piece.". The most distinctive feature is the coloring that evokes sweets and fruits. While most of the items are available in all 10 colors, the company has purposely left out classic leather colors like black and brown. That's because they stick to colors that are colorful and pop. They come in a range of colors that will accentuate your styling and even boost your mood when you wear them.

The creator of itten-itten is the same Connie Co., as Creezan, which produces high-quality, sophisticated bags with a focus on white. It is also Toyooka's only OEM manufacturer, with the entire process from fabric to parts such as metal fittings to manufacturing being consistent throughout the group. Taking advantage of the strength of such a factory brand, the brand was created using only materials that were acceptable to them.

Most notable is the plastic fastener used on all models. Metal fasteners are common on leather items, but itten-itten uses the bislon fasteners found on sportswear and other items. In addition, matching the color with the beautifully colored leather accentuates the pop atmosphere, and while the leather is of high quality, it also exudes a sporty mood. In addition, the Vislon fastener prevents friction defects that tend to occur with metal fasteners, allowing it to open and close smoothly, which is another reason for the Vislon fastener.

When you look at itten-itten products, you notice that they all have rounded shapes, regardless of the item, like a bag or purse. Named by an Italian mathematician, it is a reference to the clothoid curve derived from the Greek goddess Clauseau. Its rounded shape has become a symbol of the brand, as well as enhancing functionality, such as the ability to open and close smoothly without snagging the zipper.
Coupled with more colorful and pop colors, it creates a soft, feminine look.

The itten-itten items will be available at the brand's EC site and Creezan's retail store in Kinosaki Hot Springs, as well as at the Toyooka Bag KITTE Marunouchi store and Toyooka KABAN Artisan Avenue. In particular, the EC site is a must-see, and the brand's official shop on Rakuten Ichiba offers a glimpse of a pop world view linked to coloring.

The company will also focus on limited-time pop-up stores, including department stores nationwide. Don't miss the chance to see the factory brand's attention to detail, not to mention the cute looks that captivate women!

A mini shoulder bag that combines cute looks and usability.

The gentle curves unique to itten-itten give a feminine look to a square form with a tight impression. The slightly chunky shoulder strap provides stability and, combined with the bislon zipper, gives it a sporty look. Its shoulder strap is detachable, so you can incorporate it as a clutch or use it as a bag-in-bag. This particular leather is made of shrink leather, which is soft and smooth and has an expressive texture that makes scratches less noticeable. The front pocket also has a gusset, giving it a compact size and great storage. Plus, it weighs only about 390 grams, so it's sure to be useful in a wide range of situations, from daily use to travel. It comes in 10 colors so you can enjoy choosing the right color.

itten-itten Leather Mini Shoulder Bag

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