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Products: TOMYMADE

Products: TOMYMADE

TOMYMADE:A new brand with unparalleled creative manufacturing appeal

TOMYMADEA new brand with unparalleled creative manufacturing appeal

TOMYMADE started in 2017. And it was a debut with an approach that set it apart from other leather brands.
The man behind it, Mr. TOMY, is an experienced leather craftsman, but he goes beyond that. He has a strong sense of being a sculptor, and his title as a leather writer might fit best. In high school, Mr. TOMY was a pitcher at a powerhouse school and spent his days immersed in baseball. When she entered college, she spent her days playing with all her freedom and greed free, but before she knew it, she felt a sense of emptiness. Like baseball, you end up with leather because you feel like you need to focus on what you love. At the time, he had learned to make wallets and other items on his own by taking a part-time job selling apparel, so he decided to aim to become a leather craftsman. After graduating from college, he worked for six years at a factory in Osaka, the first in Japan to incorporate the cowboy and Indian cultures of the Seibu pioneer era, and for four years at a manufacturer contracted to manufacture select original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In 10 years, he learned the techniques and know-how of a leather craftsman and became independent in 2017. In that vein, making wallets and other original products is the usual course, but Mr. TOMY was different. He teamed up with designers and interior shops working on various spaces to create one-of-a-kind leather objects and interiors. Recently, there have been many requests from apparel companies to make fixtures for use in their shops, further expanding the scope of their artwork activities. That's why the title of leather writer fits so well.

His theme since his debut is "Art Unisex Sustainable.". They now have original products like bags and wallets, but they don't release new products every season or mass-produce them and wholesale them to shops. It doesn't fit in with my style of creatively digesting leather techniques, and above all, I'm questioning the importance of productivity and the way Ross takes things for granted.
What TOMY is sending out is limited to the designs you really want to have. That's not to say it's a gimmick. While there's a certain amount of play in the bag, the rest of the product is pretty simple.
Rather, the emphasis is on a design that is authentic and made of high-quality materials, yet lacks the stiffness characteristic of leather and can be easily adopted by women. Moreover, the scraps that inevitably appear in the production of practical products are revived as objects to be produced in collaboration with famous brands. Through all these activities, the brand theme is embodied.

For TOMY, leather is all connected to food, clothing and shelter, including space. But when it comes to leather alone, it's not the balance you like. The shop (* appointment system), which is run by a Kitasenju studio, features original products, including T-shirts and cushions, as well as select items such as vintage flower vases and silver accessories. This represents the brand's worldview, of course, but also because it believes that the balance it likes can only be achieved with items other than leather.
In the future, the company plans to collect the wallets it sells when it wants to replace them and revive them as separate products. There are many different leather brands in Japan, but TommiMade's future-oriented creative efforts and craftsmanship are particularly outstanding.

A minimal L-shaped wallet for cashless needs

Rare Cordovan leather trinkets have a somewhat masculine and rigid image. At TOMYMADE, the clear and beautiful colors like watercolors created by dye dyeing create a modal and modern feel that sets it apart from the rest. The soft pink-gold-colored zippers, coupled with an infinitely black navy zip tape, add to the look. It has an ultra-thin form without gussets, yet can neatly store double-folded bills, coins and three cards. Plus, interior partitions keep things organized and smart.


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