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Products: KIYOKAWA

Products: KIYOKAWA

KIYOKAWA:Combining the skillful skills of skilled craftsmen with the unique perspectives of women

KIYOKAWACombining the skillful skills of skilled craftsmen with the unique perspectives of women

With the catch phrase of "a bag that goes with the user's daily life," KIYOKAWA delivers a universal collection that will be loved by all generations.
Misaki Matsumura is the third-generation owner of a private brand in Kiyokawa Shoten, which was founded in 1960. For three generations, Matsumura's grandfather was the founder and his father is the current head of the company, making history in Azumabashi, Sumida Ward, an emotional downtown area. Kiyokawa Shoten is a leather goods manufacturer that focuses on domestic production and manufactures handbags and other formal bags on an OEM basis. Although OEMs continue to do so, 14 years ago they launched Azouni, which has a line of unisex casual bags, and about 3 years ago they launched KIYOKAWA, which focuses on the formal bags that my grandfather focused on. Like fashion, bags are becoming more casual these days. At a time like that, why did you decide to refocus on formal bags? It also has to do with the aging of artisans, which is a serious problem in the bag industry these days.

At KIYOKAWA, veterans and young people compete against each other, and one craftsman completes the entire process by careful hand. That's only possible because all the craftsmen in the program are highly skilled enough to produce samples. But, like other manufacturers, the shortage of craftsmen associated with aging used to be severe, he said.
Incidentally, the old people who have been there since the founder's generation are still alive and well, and the craftsman is in his eighties and quite old. The renewed focus on the formal bag was also intended to pass on the veteran skill that can be said to be KIYOKAWA's asset. The opposite is true, of course, and some veterans learn from young people. Craftspeople of different generations have such an ideal relationship because they have an environment in which they can communicate closely. This allows them to maintain high quality that mass production and division of labor can not.
KIYOKAWA doesn't have any great designers or patents of its own. However, there are some skilled craftsmen on the roster who can be relied upon. That's both the strength and the appeal of the brand.

In general, bags are often selected after the design is decided, but KIYOKAWA continues to make products with materials. While the quality doesn't change in that order, it has a policy that it won't go into production until it meets the ideal leather and hardware. Many craftsmen's opinions are also reflected in the choice of materials to be used. They then use the samples in real life to make sure they're not fragile or easy to use. It takes a lot of time to get it done, because if there's anything that bothers you, you can correct it and use the sample again.
It also features ideas unique to Matsumura, who is also a mother, such as the use of a magnet to open and close easily with one hand. And we stick to it thoroughly without compromise because we value the process of creating a design and turning it into a product. Most of all, being close to the daily life of the person who uses it and being able to use it regularly for a long time is the basis of Kiyokawa's manufacturing. Even now, he says, there are several bags that are still waiting to meet the ideal material, checking their design and comfort. Along with the bags, which are carefully crafted over time, they convey the splendor of Japan's proud craftsmanship.

The feminine and easy-to-use rolled-up form is impressive.

This stylish yet practical shoulder bag from the "ZITA" series has an impressive drawstring design. It is made of high-quality cowhide that fits in your hand as if it were sucking when squeezed, and its suppleness and soft texture are conveyed to the eye. In order to make the most of the texture, unnecessary stitching is omitted, and the roundness is created only by cutting using craftsmanship.
Gold metal fittings and leather strap knots enhance the simple design and add an exquisite accent to your styling. The shoulder straps are delicate and feminine, so you can rely on them for daily use or just a little outing.

KIYOKAWA ZITA Shoulder bag

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