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Products: SLOW

Products: SLOW

SLOW:A gem of a collection with meticulous attention to detail that will pierce leather lovers around the world

SLOWA gem of a collection with meticulous attention to detail that will pierce leather lovers around the world

SLOW products are created using Japanese craftsmanship while making the most of the attractiveness of the materials with the spirit of "creating the things we want to own" as the starting point.
It is popular not only in Japan but also abroad, and there are many fans who are eagerly awaiting the new work. The brand name refers to the manufacturing stance of "I want to take my time and pursue my creative work without being swept away by the changing times.". At first, the company mainly sold wholesale goods through select shops, but in 2012 the long-awaited company store opened in Minami-Horie, Osaka. It has grown into a brand that now has a total of eight stores in places such as Kamakura and Kyoto. By the way, Jiyugaoka also carries apparel, which started about three years ago, and is the only shop that is sending out Slow's current message. The original jackets and shoes are also tastefully arranged, with a lineup guaranteed to pierce SLOW lovers.

The brand is supported by the craftsmen's sincere craftsmanship. The school has 20 craftsmen, including a master class in their 70s, but there are also many younger generations and women because the school focuses on training them. And most of them have gone into the artisan business after gaining experience in stores. That's because we value the brand's worldview more than anything else. There are many craftsmen who can just make things beautifully. But if you don't make it with a proper understanding of the world view by standing in front of a store, you may feel uncomfortable when it takes shape.

What is even more remarkable is that he is also aware of the craftsmanship that inspired his users. Each inner pocket is carefully arranged to determine whether it is necessary for modern life and whether it is easy to use. This is probably because they believe that bags and wallets only become viable products when they are comfortable to use.

SLOW's product is essentially simple, but the attention to detail is astounding, as if the quality of a thing is in the details. But it doesn't blindly include craftsmanship. Take the Bono tote bag, which is synonymous with the brand. Despite the fact that the leather will fray if not treated properly, a closer look reveals that the opening is left cut. This is a finish that's made possible by the use of well-oiled leather, which changes into a polished look as it ages.
On the other hand, wallets and other items are fully equipped with the advanced technology of cobbler polishing, which helps enhance their appearance. It is also a characteristic of SLOW that it has a well-balanced selection of objects that enjoy materials and craftsmanship in that way.

You can easily buy anything online these days. That's why SLOW values conversations with customers. It is also to know what kind of design and functions are required by customer service.
They are, of course, very particular about what they make, but they take a variety of opinions seriously and actually reflect them in their products. Rather than making unsolicited proposals, we can say that it is a sense that everyone, including customers, will develop the brand together. That kind of flexibility is part of SLOW's appeal and part of the reason it has such a loyal following from overseas. They then shop while enjoying conversations with staff members who are knowledgeable about leather products. It's also a brand that makes you want to go back to the basics of shopping like that.

A masterpiece filled with SLOW's obsession that continues to record long sellers

The Bono tote bag is synonymous with SLOW. The full vegetable tanning leather, custom-made by Tochigi Leather, is thinner than before. The firm yet soft texture remains the same, but it has evolved into a lighter feel that can be adopted more casually. The bare-bones metal fittings also help make it lighter.

It also features natural dyes penetrating down to the core of the leather, which creates a unique black ink color that is also eye-catching. The opening gutters open for excellent visibility, and the design that purposely omits partitions allows for flexible snuggling according to the user's lifestyle and situation.

SLOW bono -new tote bag-

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